Elizegi leaves Athletic to catch an armchair in UEFA

The president of the Basque club will leave his position in Ibaigane next summer

We already knew that the Athletic president would not stand for reelection in the next elections scheduled for the summer of 2022. What we did not know was that Aitor elizegi would go on to hold a position of relevance neither more nor less than in the UEFA. It is a position that is accessed through the RFEF.

The presidency of Athletic will be at stake next summer and we already know who the four top favorites are to fill the position. A position that will not be easy at all, because in recent months Elizegi’s management has been highly criticized by fans of the San Mamés club.

Athletic president
The president of Athletic talks about Moncayola and Javi Martínez

Elizegi points to UEFA

The new president will have to calm the waters, as the fans are very upset. With the withdrawal of Elizegi, who will have his warm seat at UEFA, there will be 4 candidates if everything is correct and they can present the documentation in a timely manner.

At the moment there is a clear favorite. That is Javier Aldazabal. Among the candidates who could run for the presidency, three other names also stand out. These are Jon Vázquez Eguskiza, Ricardo Barkala and Mario Fernandez. Plans are still unknown but on the table there are already signings and possible coaches.

Future plans at Athletic

Although Marcelino García Toral is getting a good performance from the Athletic squad, Iraola’s name is clearly destined for the San Mamés bench. It is not known when it will be, but it seems clear that it is one of the firm alternatives.

It will also be necessary to decide signings, with the names of Azpilicueta or Moncayola always on the table. Much to decide in an Athletic where Aitor Elizegi has not exactly stood out in his management and now that he is going to UEFA he will live much more comfortable away from Ibaigane.

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Clean elections are requested

The elections of the Athletic and means like The mail the fans are very concerned about it. It is older than the comic, but whenever there is an election to whatever it is, self-serving propaganda from the media can alter reality.

It is pure mathematics. If there is a dominant medium in the environment in which these elections are to be held, the one with the greatest visibility in said medium has the upper hand to win. For this reason, in the case of Athletic, there is a special fear of what may appear in ElCorreo.

Athletic ElCorreo
ElCorreo very important in the Athletic elections

ElCorreo always influences Athletic

Because of the candidates, there is always one who has a special relationship with a journalist from that medium. And that means more interviews, more photos, more media strength … and not necessarily better benefits for Athletic. Because the best president for Athletic does not need to be a friend of ElCorreo.

Many Athletic fans are convinced that this happened with Aitor Elizegi in the previous elections. Cook, known in Bizkaia and well positioned. He had a fairly strong media treatment and ended up imposing. However, was it the best option for Ibaigane? Many athleticzales have the answer clear: no.

An Athletic election without the influence of ElCorreo

That is why it is vital that in the next Athletic elections, ElCorreo does not become a capital lobby in their outcome. Many partners have mobilized on social media to ask, at least, for clean elections. May the best one win and not the one with the most friends in depending on what media.

An election to which the official position of Aitor Elizegi is not yet known. There are those who assure that the cook will not appear again. However, Elizegi would have been very favorable to the next president leaving his board, so a continuation candidacy is expected. In the coming months we will know more.

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