Eliud Kipchoge: “I don’t believe in the limits of the human being”

In the eternal Olympus of athletics there is already a preferential place reserved for Eliud Kipchoge (Kapsisiywa, Kenya, 1984). Undisputed historical king of the marathon and firm candidate for the throne of best distance runner of all time, his light body of 167 cm tall and 52 kilos of weight in competition, is used to breaking down barriers. Two-time Olympic champion of the 42 kilometers (Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Tokyo 2020) and universal record holderworld champion of 5,000 meters and with ten victories in the ‘Big Marathons’, the little kenyan genius, the humble hero, the idol of the people, the superman capable of devouring 42,195 meters at an infernal rate of 2:52 per thousand, attends exclusively to AS from his home in Eldoret before facing his first test in Boston (Monday April 17), one of the few challenges he has left to conquer at 38 years of age. His books, his family, and his farm make up the austere microcosm in which she methodically prepares his great challenges.

If you had to explain to someone who doesn’t know anything about athletics and who doesn’t know you who Eliud Kipchoge is, what would you say?

I am an athlete who does not believe in limits and that is why I always say that no human being has limits. Eliud Kipchoge is the holder of two Olympic gold medals in the marathon and the person who has run the fastest distance. Even for non-runners, the message should be that they can find their limits in any area of ​​life: teaching, developing projects… We are in a world that is a constant race.

Do you like people to call you a humble champion?

I appreciate it. I have little to comment on that because others are saying it. I appreciate it and I like it. Humility is one of the most necessary values.

Is your lifestyle austere even though you have earned a lot of money during your career?

It is. That way of being and living is what challenges you to be better at what you do, to improve yourself. I like the simple life and thanks to it I can continue to pose many challenges.

You have economic possibilities. Have you ever thought about living with your family outside of Kenya? In Europe maybe?

I am happy living in Kenya with my family but I do not rule out living somewhere else, like the Netherlands, which is like my second home.

What is happiness for you?

Happiness is enjoying what you do and being able to do it every day. Happiness is having constant challenges. Getting it is a challenge in itself. I can say that I am happy because I really enjoy what I do.

How is a normal day in your life daily from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed?

I usually get up every day at 5:45, I get ready to go out and at 6:10 I’m already training. When I return home I drink tea, give myself a massage, do some mobility exercises and take advantage of the time to relax before going to eat. I rest for an hour and from three to four in the afternoon I go out for a run again. When I come back, I drink more tea, take a shower, relax by reading a book to increase my knowledge and wait for dinner before going to sleep. This is a normal day in my life

You have a farm with animals. Is it your sanctuary, your place to disconnect?

Yes, it is my place to relax physically but also where I reset my mind and it helps me to recharge my batteries after the hard work of training.

“I prefer the third Olympic gold to winning in Boston or New York”

Eliud Kipchoge

You have already won almost everything and you are 38 years old, why do you continue to compete at the highest level?

First, because I like it and it is my passion. And then because my body allows me to. I have a good training method, which together with rest and a simple life keeps me in good shape, and that also translates into good results.

You are a double Olympic champion in the marathon and have conquered four of the six ‘majors’ (great marathons). If you had to choose between winning Boston and New York to complete the series or claiming your third Olympic gold medal at Paris 2024, would you be clear on your choice?

If I had to choose, I prefer the third Olympic gold.

On April 17, he will participate in the Boston Marathon for the first time. How much time do you need to prepare and arrive in good condition for a test like this?

Due to the way I train and compete, to reach 100% I need about four months.

Will you also try to run in New York on November 5?

It’s something I haven’t thought about at the moment. I haven’t made any plans beyond Boston so once that race is over I’ll plan the next goals.

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Would you like to compete in the Valencia marathon before retiring?

Absolutely yes, because it is the fastest route. Someday my strides will walk the streets of Valencia.

He has already run the marathon for under two hours in the Vienna challenge, but the brand was not approved because it did not meet all the requirements demanded by the IAAF, when will it be possible to see that in an official marathon?

Coming soon. I am convinced of it. It is something that cannot be predicted with certainty but it will happen. The future is here.

Will you be the one to do it?

Maybe yes and maybe not. I’ll try, but if it’s not me someone else will.

“Someday my strides will walk the streets of Valencia”

Eliud Kipchoge

Kipchoge is a reference for many people. Why do you like to inspire people? What would you like to teach children and young athletes?

Above all, I would like to teach them to be disciplined and to lead a healthy routine and a healthy life. As athletes they must acquire good teachings that they will keep for a lifetime and thus they will be able to live longer and in better shape.

Who is, in your opinion, the best long-distance runner ever?

Haile Gebreselassie.

For many people you are, especially in the marathon, but if you win the third gold in Paris 2024, do you think that no one will have any doubts about who is the best?

I think so. If I get that third gold medal and also maintain or improve the world record, I think no one will have any doubts about who is the best marathoner ever.

Does it bother you that there is so much talk about the new sneakers help to improve current records?

Not at all. I respect everyone even if I think differently from those people. It does not worry me because what we do we reason, we work on it and we bet on it. I think we are going in the right direction.

Kipchoge, with his time in the Berlin Marathon last year, a world record for the specialty.
Kipchoge, with his time in the Berlin Marathon last year, a world record for the specialty. ACE DAILYDiaryAS

One of his great hobbies is reading. Would you recommend a book? What is your favourite?

‘Who has taken my cheese?’. That is the book I would recommend. She talks about life changes and how to adapt to them. I read it a long time ago and it struck me even though I don’t remember the author’s name right now (is the American Spencer Johnson).

Do you like to watch sports on TV other than track and field?

Of course. I am a big fan of Formula 1 and I follow Lewis Hamilton a lot. I also love football and I’m a fan of Tottenham in the Premier, Bayern Munich and Barcelona and Real Madrid in LaLiga. I also enjoy the NBA, NFL and I follow the UFC. In fact, I was recently watching the fight between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman in London.

How is it possible that he is a fan of Barcelona and Real Madrid at the same time?

It may sound strange but it is so. They are my two favorite teams in LaLiga.

“I am a follower of Hamilton, but also of Fernando Alonso”

Eliud Kipchoge

Do you know the Real Madrid motto of fighting until the end, as you did in the last Champions League? Is it a similar concept to yours in that sense?

Clear. He is similar to my spirit and my opinion that the human being has no limits. We always move forward, we must always move forward, even if we fall.

You say you love F1 and follow Hamilton, what do you think of Fernando Alonso?

He is a great driver for a long time and has a great knowledge about his sport. I am more of a Hamiltonian, but I recognize that Alonso is good and I have always followed him. After having been in Alpine he has started the season very well in Aston Martin and this championship is going to be interesting. I also love Spain for the motorcycles, for MotoGP, for cycling… It is a great country that loves sports and has great athletes, both men and women.

What do you think of Rafael Nadal?

I think its power is in the mind. What he shows in tennis is wonderful.

You often say that athletics is not so much about the legs as it is about the heart and mind. Because?

Because running is not just doing it with your legs. You have to love running with your heart, getting that feeling into your mind and having it say, ‘I need to run.’ That’s what I do. It is my heart and my head that push me to get up early every morning to go out to train.

Going back to football, do you prefer Cristiano or Messi?

To Cristiano Ronaldo.

“The power of Rafa Nadal is in the mind”

Eliud Kipchoge

And to Haaland or to Mbappé?

I stay with Mbappé.

Tell me a dream for the future.

Make this world a world of runners.

Thank you very much for serving us. It has been an honor.

Thanks to you and please help me expand my words about running and thus also the idea of ​​Spain becoming a country of runners.

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