Eli Cesáreo: “Norway must be concerned with Spain”

EIi Cesáreo is one of the young (22 years old) veterans (World runner-up in 2019) of the National Team, the only pivot of the last four used that are still in Spain (Bera Bera). He is fulfilling a memorable Championship and he is happy in that circumstantial return to his province.

-Do you feel something special about playing at Granollers?

-For playing in Spain, because it is special for everyone. And for playing in Granollers because I am from a very close town (Sant Joan Despi) and of course, family, friends, my people have come. Seeing the Palau how it was on Tuesday, or the matches in Torrevieja, with full even though it was a daily day, is exciting and makes us even more responsible because in the Guerreras we want all that fans to be hooked with us beyond this World Cup. May they be ours for a long time.

-They are already in the semifinals, they have fulfilled.

-At dinner on Tuesday, Carmela (Carmen Martín) as captain told us all, and we agree that if we have reached the semifinals, we must keep thinking about getting everything. And we are in that, in fighting for more.

-In Norway they insist in the last days that they want revenge for the defeat in Kumamoto in the 2019 semifinals (28-22).

-It is a great selection with names that impress, but if they intimidate a little, I suppose they will also be thinking about us, about our weapons, that we can leave them without end.

-He has lost two games due to injury, and also his image with his hand bandaged and his elbow with protections, is as if he were in a war.

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– The thing of the hand is by the operation of the last year; the elbow, because of the problems that falls cause me, and the injury is a sprained ankle from stepping on Ainhoa ​​Hernández in training. I can play because I have become used to doing it with pain, although the day after each game my ankle is very swollen.

-So and all your contest in this World Cup is called attention.

-I think that against Germany I had one of my best games ever. I played it all in defense, which I like, and I was at the level of the whole team, very active and doing things that I don’t do in the league.

-It gives the impression that you have taken a step forward, an evolution in intensity, anticipation and perseverance.

-Many people have told me and I also notice it. In the National Team I think I give a higher level and performance than in my club. I do not know if it is because of the high quality teammates that cover me or because of the rivals, who, being in a long competition, stimulate and teach you. I don’t know the exact reason, but yes, I play better.

– I suppose that in the meals with the Selection you will speak of the experience abroad, and will open the ears just in case.

-Everything is talked about, and that undeniable that of that too. Personally now I think about the National Team, and then about the Berra Bera at least until June.

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