"Elementary"the long-awaited return of Pixar that closed the Cannes Film Festival

“Elemental”, the film that closes the 76th Cannes Film Festival, marks the return of Pixar to the Croisette and to theaters, according to the director of the animation studio, this time with a love story “a la Romeo and Juliet” where they live together the four elements.

Being in Cannes, “after the covid eclipse period, it means for us to return to theaters!”, celebrated Pete Docter, whose film will be released in June, in conversation with AFP.

The director of the studio founded in 1986 and bought by Disney in 2006 insists: “We want the public to see our movies on the big screen, with other viewers around, it’s a pleasure.”

After the closure of theaters caused by the pandemic, Disney He chose to put some of his feature films on the Disney+ platform, such as “Soul”.

“At Pixar, we’re following the same strategy as Toy Story, that is, finding ideas with a universal message and showing our movies to as many people as possible” in theaters, Docter stresses.

The new film begins with a story of friendship between Flaman intrepid and resourceful young woman, and Flack, a sentimental and funny boy, guided by his heart, in a city where the four elements coexist.

However, the chemistry takes away all hope of flirting or love between the “Flamboyants”, fires that feed on logs and carry their babies on rolling barbecues, and the “Aquatiques”, characters who, like the hero Flack Lamare, run the risk of evaporation at high temperatures.

Inspired by his own experience, South Korean director Peter Sohn (“The Great Dinosaur”) drew on his love affair with an Italian-American to deliver a message about “difficulties and misunderstandings between cultures,” Docter told AFP. .

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As always with Pixar, the feature film is aimed at both adults and children.

This animated film also uses special effects in “almost every shot” for the shape of the characters, such as a constantly moving flame in the wind.

“When Peter Sohn said to me, ‘I want characters made of fire and water,’ I said ‘fantastic.’ But I had no idea how to do it,” recalls Docter.

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