‘Electronic wristbands’, the UK government’s new measure to control illegal immigration

The UK government is still checking “every way” to control illegal immigration and do everything to “prevent their flight”, the British executive told the BBC. Therefore, since the reign of Rishi Sunak, this is not out of the question Placing electronic devices or wristbands to screen undocumented immigrants.

It was UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman who told the BBC that the executive was “examining all options” to exercise “some control” over those asylum seekers who enter the UK irregularly via the English Channel in small boats. He was alluding to that in that sense the recent implementation of a new “benchmark” law, called the Illegal Migration Law, which gives them “the power to arrest those who come here illegally and immediately take them to a safe country like Rwanda.”

The UK’s Illegal Migration Act allows controversial options such as “wearing electronic wristbands”.

As explained by the British newspaper The Times, the lack of accommodation for these asylum seekers is prompting the British Home Office to look for other alternatives. So it was the newspaper that explained this “possibility” that the British executive is considering. With this law on illegal migration, the government has a legal obligation to arrest those people who enter the country irregularly and send them either to Rwanda – with which it has an agreement – or to another “safe” third country.

At the end of June last year, more than 175,000 people were awaiting a decision on their asylum application, 44% more migrants in this situation than a year ago when 122,213 were registered, at an annual cost to taxpayers of almost £4,000m (€4,600m) . EFE explains that this increase is due to asylum seekers crossing the country in small boats – 19,000 so far this year – via the English Channel and processing their asylum application upon arrival in the UK.

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