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Electricity: Russia has indeed suspended its deliveries to Finland

After the threat, the execution. Electricity exports from Russia to Finland ceased during the night of Friday May 13 to Saturday May 14, after an announcement to this effect from a Russian supplier, an official from the operator of the network told AFP. Finnish electricity grid. The company responsible for Russian electricity sales to Finland, RAO Nordic, announced on Friday (May 13) its intention to stop deliveries at midnight, citing unpaid bills, as Finland prepares to announce its candidacy for the European Union. NATO.

Exports from Russia to Finland “are currently at zero, and this has been the case since midnight (21:00 GMT) as announced,” Timo Kaukonen, an operations manager for Fingrid, the operator of the network, told AFP. Finnish network. The network is in balance thanks to imports from Sweden, according to the real-time map of Fingrid, which said on Friday that it could do without Russian electricity “without difficulty”. Finland has so far imported around 10% of its total electricity consumption from its large Russian neighbour.

Rising tensions between Moscow and Helsinki

RAO Nordic, a Helsinki-based subsidiary of Russian utility InterRAO, justified the shutdown on Friday, saying it had not received payment for electricity supplied to Finland since May 6. The company did not say whether these settlement issues were related to European sanctions targeting the Russian economy after the invasion of Ukraine. This announcement comes against a backdrop of rising tensions between Moscow and Helsinki, which has announced its desire to join NATO “without delay” under the influence of the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

The President and Prime Minister of Finland had specified that the decision of the Nordic country to join NATO would be announced on Sunday May 15 to the organization. Finland’s entry into NATO would “certainly” be a threat to Russia, the Kremlin reacted. Russian diplomacy said for its part that Russia will be “forced to take reciprocal, military-technical and other measures, in order to put an end to threats to its national security”, in the event of Finland’s accession. The main importer of electricity from Russia to the Nordic markets, RAO Nordic has been operating in the European Union since 2002.


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