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Electricity: EDF returns to the charge against the government measure aimed at containing prices

The boss of EDF returns to the charge against the volumes of additional nuclear electricity attributed to its competitors. “I have just addressed to the State a gracious recourse to request the withdrawal of it”, declared Jean-Bernard Lévy on the occasion of the general meeting of the group controlled by the State. “Both the price and the conditions of these allocations penalize us considerably,” he argued. It is in order to contain, as promised, the increase in regulated electricity prices to 4% in 2022 that the government has forced EDF to increase by 20% the annual quota of electricity sold at a reduced price to its competitors, to 120 TWh. (against 100 TWh previously).

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This sale is made within the framework of the mechanism called “Regulated access to historical nuclear electricity” (Arenh), regularly denounced by EDF. Following this decision, EDF had warned of a plunge in its financial result in 2022, attributing it in particular to the raising of the Arenh ceiling. The state’s decision was formalized in a decree on March 11. “EDF will take all measures likely to preserve its rights which it deems useful in relation to the decree of March 11, 2022 mentioned as well as with the three decrees which complete the device in question”, indicated to AFP a spokesperson. of EDF, in a statement.

“In this context, EDF sent the State, under conditions of time preserving its rights, a graceful appeal requesting the withdrawal of these four acts”, he confirmed. “In any case, EDF reserves the right to seize the competent administrative courts”, he added. The EDF unions had seized the Council of State against the government’s decision. The high administrative court recently confirmed it in summary proceedings, considering that there was no urgency to suspend the device, but the file must still be decided on the merits.


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