Elections in Germany: Greens and Liberals at the heart of all envy

An intense period of negotiations began on the evening of Sunday, September 26 in Germany. If the social democrats of the SPD won against the CDU, the gap is very narrow.

Following the very close score between the SPD and the CDU in the German legislative elections, two parties will be in great demand. “These are precisely the Greens and the Liberals, indicates the journalist Laurent Desbonnets, in duplex from Berlin (Germany). They only arrived third and fourth respectively last night, but today they are the ones that everyone is listening to, that everyone is courting. “

These two parties will be needed to form a government. “Neither Olaf Scholz comes out on top for the SPD, nor Armin Laschet for the CDU can become chancellor without the support of these two parties”, analyzes the journalist. “Since this morning, we court them, we offer them positions in the ministries, we also offer them concrete measures”, he continues. Negotiations can take several months. In the meantime, Angela Merkel remains chancellor.

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