The Former President of Uruguay, José “Pepe” Mujicasent a message to Colombians facing the presidential election that will take place this Sunday 19. The Uruguayan makes a call to vote for the candidate for the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro.

“I ask you to please play hard, because sometimes peoples without realizing it vote against themselves, vote Petro because it is a thread of hope for Colombian society and for the peoples, especially the humble and the middle class of Latin America,” Mujica said in the message that Petro shared on Wednesday on his social networks.

According to the former Uruguayan president, “Colombia has a wonderful nature” and “it is inconceivable that this gigantic mass of people suffers so badly.”


It is not the first time that Mujica has declared himself in favor of the candidate for the Historical Pact. At the beginning of this month, a fragment of a video went viral, of which the date on which it was recorded is unknown, in which it emphasizes the need for peace for the Colombian population.

“I keep in my library a little pencil with the shell of a bullet symbolizing the signature of the peace agreement. Will there be a peace agreement in the hearts of Colombians? Will it be possible? It is a historical necessity,” said the former president in that video.

Before the first round, Mujica stated that “in the figure of Petro there is no fundamental man, there is a fundamental cause that is collective” and pointed out that “when a president is elected, a magician is not elected” and that is why “you have to accompany him and fight for a collective project”.


“There are too many costs that the history of Colombia has paid with a uninterrupted process of war which began with the death of (Jorge eliecer gaitan, and that has cost him a social sacrifice impossible to measure. It is time for Colombia to fight for a bit of peace, hope and a way out,” said the former Uruguayan president at the beginning of May.

During his government period (2010 – 2015), Mujica has actively participated in different work instances for the consolidation of the peace process in Colombia.

In 2017, he headed the international verification and accompaniment mechanism for the implementation of the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC, together with former Spanish president Felipe González.


The Commission for Follow-up, Promotion and Verification of the Implementation (CSIVI) of the peace agreement is in charge of supervising compliance with what was agreed by the parties.