Elections in Chile: what Gabriel Boric intends to do as president

Gabriel boric appeared in the second round of presidential elections in Chile with a program that he called “Programmatic Implementation Agreement”, in which he collected what was discussed with the teams of former candidates Marco Enríquez-Ominami and Yasna Provoste. Was elected president by the Chileans and the text serves as a guideline to envision what he can do once he assumes the Presidency.

Boric said that in those programmatic lines it was clear that there are points of contact between the proposals of his former left and center-left competitors.

He explained that the “urgency of recovering quality jobs is shared, particularly in the case of women, decisively supporting SMEs, as well as promoting growth and advancing in a process of sustainable economic recovery and with adaptation to the climate crisis ”.

There are also coincidences in the need for a new pension system that “works in accordance with the principles of social security, increasing pensions to current and future pensioners and where the citizen’s desire for no more AFPs (pension fund administrators ); and a new health system with a single insurance that does not distinguish between rich and poor ”.

He also highlighted the agreements in which economic growth and progressive tax reform are required for these improvements, in order to “responsibly finance the reforms and thus ensure a path of fiscal consolidation, where each new committed expenditure has guaranteed financing.”

In the proposal, Boric raises four axes: bases for sustainable growth and reforms of the pension, health and tax systems.

Sustainable growth

The first chapter raises sustainable growth that reaches “everyone, especially with women and MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises)”, it is said in the text.

It is proposed to recover the labor participation of the people most affected by the pandemic, and for this it is understood that it is necessary to redesign the subsidies and focus them on women.

Training and job retraining will also be promoted to face the impacts of technology.

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As for small and medium-sized enterprises, it will support development and innovation.

Pension system

Regarding pensions, a new system without AFPs is proposed with the aim of “materializing the right to social security, increasing current and future pensions in a sustainable way”. This system will be public and will be financed with contributions from employers, workers and taxes.

A Universal Basic Pension of $ 250 thousand (US $ 297 at current value) is proposed that will benefit all adults over 65 years of age.

Within this chapter, gender equality is promoted to “guarantee de facto equality for women”. This will be achieved through: equal representation rules in the organs of the system; use of unisex tables for life expectancy; subsidy for pension gaps for reasons of unpaid care, regardless of whether the caregiver is a woman or a man.

Healthcare system

Improving the health system will be a “priority” in a Boric government, the program says. The proposed model focuses on primary care, and is based on the public system and is progressively financed by general taxes.

“It is necessary to increase the justice, equity and solidarity of the system, the efficiency of the use of resources, promote a healthier society, ensure that people have financial protection against health expenses and ensure access to timely, dignified and of quality ”, it is said in the document.

Tax reform

The last chapter refers to implementing a tax reform. An income tax is proposed for large companies. Today capital income in the country “pay proportionally a lower tax than those that come from work, generating an inequality that has no justification,” the document states.

Another point is the reduction of exemptions that “generate an unjustified tax expense”, putting a tax on wealth (including a tax on the wealth of the super rich); green taxes; royalty to large-scale mining and measures against evasion and avoidance.

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