“We defined it a long time ago. We believe in the digital democracy of the People’s Party,” said the Chilean presidential candidate. Franco Parisi, interviewed by the TVN channel, after the elections in Chile.

Parisi, one of the surprises of Sunday’s election by being in third place with 12.8% of the votes, confirmed to that medium that will conduct a virtual consultation to define who to support in the second round of December 19, in which the extreme rightist José Antonio Kast and the leftist Gabriel Boric will face off.

“We are going to send the question to our adherents: Do you want to vote for candidate A, for candidate B, not vote? We believe in democracy,” said Parisi, who did not carry out the campaign in Chile because it is living in the United States and waiting for the result of a new PCR to confirm a new date of return to the country, something that was postponed during the campaign.

“I am part of a collective, my call will be the same as that of the 45 thousand followers of the People’s Party,” Parisi added in the television interview. This number of affiliates is the second most important among Chilean political collectives, behind the Communist Party.

Parisi significantly improved the vote he had had in the 2013 elections, when he reached 10.1% of the votes. The almost 900 thousand votes that he obtained this Sunday will allow him to reach the Lower House with six legislators.

Boric’s message to the voters of Parisi

Boric, the candidate of the left who went to the second round, sent a message this Sunday to the electorate of the People’s Party. “To the voters of Franco Parisi, we want to speak with you. AND we want to tell all those who fear crime that we will be with you and that we will be relentless with drug trafficking”, He assured.

Parisi lives in Alabama, in the United States, but was registered to vote in the La Reina commune, in the Santiago region, the country’s capital. The candidate ran his campaign from the United States. He planned to come to Chile a few days before the election to end his campaign. However, he contracted covid-19, and time did not give him to get to the country to, at least, vote.

Parisi has had to face several public and criminal complaints, to the point that the campaign has been carried out from the United States (he defines himself as a “political asylee”).

They accuse him, among other things, of maintaining millionaire debts with school workers in which he was a legal representative, irregularities with the signatures to register his candidacy and in the rendering of accounts, a complaint of sexual harassment of a 19-year-old student and debts of alimony with two of his children, whom he has not been able to approach since August 2020.

From the Regional News Agency



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