Elections in Chile: Boric emerged triumphant from the debate and received the support of Bachelet

From Santiago

Last Monday night was the last time I ehe presidential candidate of the new Chilean left, Gabriel Boric and the far-right José Antonio Kast (Christian Social Front) met before the second round scheduled for this Sunday, November 19. The television debate organized by ANATEL (Chilean National Television Association) strictly speaking and as has occurred in all debates, from the first round, was an exhibition of proposals that they reflect two Chiles.

Boric’s —Representative of the I Approve Dignity coalition formed by the Broad Front and the Communist Party — is one who looks to the future and who understands that it is necessary a shift from the economy and the environment to the rights of women and sexual minorities. Kast’s, of the Christian Social Front, on the other hand, is an orderly country thanks to an authoritarian and controlling elite, nostalgic for the heavy hand imposed by the Pinoche dictatorshipt, even though you have been careful not to mention it directly.

However, it is not that Kast has lectured on the benefits of his conservative program, which has been moderating these weeks on sensitive issues such as the Ministry of Women, which he proposed to close at first, and then offer to keep it or that great nebula that are the taxes for the great fortunes of the country that, apparently, seeks to lower them. The blond candidate, a descendant of a soldier who participated in Hitler’s army, although according to him this does not mean being a “Nazi” and a minister brother of Pinochet, among other biographical milestones, dedicated himself to dodging questions and interrupting Boric, without respecting your allotted time in the debate.

Confronting an ultra-right provocateur

A style that his followers celebrate on social networks and that ruined his rival’s weekend by insistently asking him about a complaint of “sexual abuse” in the previous debate that was organized by the country’s radios and that he later mockingly rectified, saying which was actually “harassment.” The issue finally seemed to be resolved on Sunday when the person Kast had identified as a victim had to make a public statement stating that it was “macho attitudes and that they had a conversation about it. In addition, he pointed out “I want to denounce the unscrupulous and violent exploitation of the right wing and the command of José Antonio Kast.”

All of this strengthened the Approve Dignity candidate, who managed to face another provocation from Kast: drugs. On several occasions, the far-rightist has pointed out the importance of taking a test to rule out the candidate’s use of marijuana or cocaine, although always taking care not to accuse him, but installing doubt before the electorate, maybe because of Boric’s youth or coming from a more countercultural environment (there are videos and photos where he appears with T-shirts of hardcore punk bands like all young people of his generation). This time Boric, calmly and holding up a paper, with a test that indicated that he did not consume drugs, cut the subject short: “I’m not willing to do a show.”

What’s more laughed when Kast, in his nervousness, spoke of the suspension of the Lollapalooza festival for ideological reasons, when in reality it was the call for attention made by the Municipality of Santiago -whose mayor is the communist Irací Hasler- due to the ecological damage that was done in the O’Higgins Park and the call for a public consultation where the citizens would decide whether to it would continue to be carried out on those lands, something that the organizers did not accept by changing commune.

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Boric, who was very prepared to face Kast’s character, chose to expose him as a “liar” rather than engage with his provocations. He even managed to finally impose his voice on that of his rival (who would not let him speak) to ask him if he had ever been able to build alliances with someone who thinks differently from him, which he had a hard time answering.

Unfortunately, these types of debates are more rhetorical than to deepen the programs, but in any case Boric said that his model for president was both Michelle Bachelet and Salvador Allende, although they have not allowed him to govern. Kast surprisingly pointed to Patricio Aylwin, elected after Pinochet’s defeat in the 1988 plebiscite.

The Bachelet factor

Although all the polls made public indicate the triumph of Boric, in his team they call not to be trusted, strengthening various flanks: from the incorporation of powerful faces such as the former president of the Izkia Siches medical college, one of the most reliable figures during the pandemic to the support of former president Ricardo Lagos or successful compatriots in Hollywood like Pedro Pascal. Added to this is an intense deployment on social networks combating fake news and right-wing bots to door-to-door work, where volunteers, mostly young people, have been deployed to try to convince the undecided voter or scare away the classic ghosts built by the Right, since the return to democracy as the role of the Communist Party which, in the case of Chile, has not only been democratic but has already ruled in Bachelet’s second term.

Precisely the current High Commissioner for Human Rights for the United Nations, traveled to Chile to celebrate the end of the year parties, but also to meet with Boric and finally express her support in a video that has generated the expected annoyance in Kast’s team. “I have just arrived in Santiago to spend my vacations and of course, these end-of-year festivities with my family, but I have also come to fulfill my civic duty, because what is going to be decided this coming Sunday is fundamental,” he says. from the social networks of its Horizonte Ciudadano foundation.

“No one can be indifferent. Elect a President who ensures that our country can truly continue on a path of progress for all, a path of greater freedom, equality, human rights that are respected, a sustainable environment and of course, the opportunity of a new Constitution “.

An enormous gesture, which Boric thanked on his Twitter: “The support of former President Bachelet is a great honor at key moments in our history. As she says, for Chile to advance with changes that improve people’s quality of life, we must redouble our efforts and motivate family and neighbors to vote on the 19th. It depends on us ”. Although he has not given details of his meeting with the former president, he said that precisely the future and his experience as president were the main issues.


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