Elderly man’s unique bank robbery to go to jail

A 65-year-old man who wanted to go to jail in America went to rob a bank.

Usually, the accused always avoids going to jail, but in America, a man robbed a bank to go to jail and stole only one dollar.

According to media reports, 65-year-old Donald Santa Cruz in the US state of Utah is accused of one of the strangest bank robberies in history.

Donald Santa Cruz walked into the Wells Fargo Bank at 300 South Main Street in Salt Lake City and handed a slip to the teller.

“Forgive me for doing this but this is robbery,” the slip read. And please give me a dollar, thank you.” The cashier took it as a joke and handed Donald Santa Cruz a dollar and told him to leave.

Donald Santa Cruz told the bystanders that he had robbed the bank, then sat inside the bank and awaited his arrest.

Sensing the situation to be dangerous, the bank manager sent the staff into the room for safekeeping, shortly after the police arrived and arrested Donald.

In his statement, the accused said that the people in the bank were lucky that he did not have a weapon, if he was released from jail, he would rob another bank.

According to local media, Donald was previously found guilty of careless driving and having a suspended driver’s license, which would be the same goal, but so far his desire to go to jail has not been fulfilled.

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