Elden Ring DLC Debacle: YouTuber Loses Thousands on First Day

We’re only two days into ‘Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’, and it’s already clear that the game’s difficulty is taking its toll on some players. One such player is El Rubius, who embarked on a challenge to give away €100 every time he died.

This challenge seemed like madness from the get-go, given the game’s notorious difficulty and the importance of memorizing mechanics and boss timing. And after just one day, ElRubius’s determination to stick to the challenge is even more surprising.

Rubius loses €5,000 on his first day in the Elden Ring DLC

Before starting the stream, ElRubius made it clear that he wanted to test the challenge on the first day of the DLC, but he also acknowledged that he didn’t want to break the bank. “My goal is to do it with all the DLC, but I’ve always said that I’ll do it today, and if I see I’ve lost €10,000 in two hours, I’ll withdraw,” he commented.

After more than eight hours of live testing, ElRubius counted up his losses and revealed that he’d spent a staggering €5,000. With each death, he spun a roulette wheel with three options: give away €100, give away 10 subs, or save himself. He managed to save himself only six times, resulting in many €100 giveaways.

Rubius loses thousands of euros on his first day playing the Elden Ring DLC

ElRubius ended up paying €100 thirty times, and €40 for 32 subscriptions. Despite the massive loss, he commented that the stream had been “the best content of the year” and that he would continue with the challenge as long as the hype and chat support remained strong.

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