Elche-Málaga, the first semifinal decided in the Cup

Elche-Málaga is the first defined semifinal in the Copa de la Reina that is played in San Sebastián. In some way, the Ilician victory against Gijón (26-19) was surprising, that even being the reigning champion has traveled with a recomposed squad with young players to alleviate the casualties of the first team; Málaga’s victory was tighter (26-23) in this first match of the three scheduled with Rocasa.

Gijón only stood up for 40 minutes (11-9 at halftime). I didn’t expose itThe injury of Maria Flores made a dent in the women from Elche on the worst day in a long time for the Asturian women, in a very dangerous streak to stay in the European positions.

Málaga got through the game thanks to the contribution of Merche Castellanos in goal, and the number of errors by Rocasa, determined to win the game from the front row and without a homogeneous game. Tie in the first half (10-10) for a final 26-23.

Guardés is the third semifinalist, who defeated Granollers 31-26, with an excellent Paula Arcos in the Galician team, with 9 goals from 12 shots. The Guardés had won the match (20-14), with six goals, but went on a losing streak and the Vallesan team stood at 20-20. Inertia seemed that Granollers was finally going to change its recent history, but in that final stretch, 11-6.

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