The people of Elche are clear that in order to see the green light they must adjust to the current measures and start now that it is possible

From Elche have announced that in order to carry out some important incorporations before the club must execute some possibilities in sales format, such as that of Ivan Marcone, player who has an order from Argentina. Certainly the idea that Independent of Avellaneda wants to have the services of the player, in a format that is not yet so clear.

The people of Elche have already made it clear that they will not resort to transfer options in any case and will adjust to sales as the main cause. So, they have scored this 31-year-old footballer at 2 million euros, which is what the gaucho red box would have to pay if it only aspires to get involved in that fact at this moment.

Ivan Marcone
Iván Marcone continues to fight for a position at Elche CF

With the low index of games played, Elche favors the departure of Marcone who has one foot out in this winter market

Throughout this season he has played 14 games, where he has not given an apparent recital of favorability in his game either. All this has made it known to the player who has no sentence to have illusions and continue fighting for a position that they are not capable of granting him.

Independiente is not only the club of his loves, it is one of the greats in Argentina and one of the clubs with the longest history in the world. They love him, and he confessed a fan is putting everything on his part to get back to being in tune with that idea. Of course, before your agent must accept that the setback means a drop in salary earnings, which is one of the incident factors.

Besides Marcone another also seems to take the escape route

Turning the page, it must be said that the Marcone theme is just one of those that have been developing in Elche. In addition to him there is the case of Dario Benedetto who is expected at Boca Juniors and Javier Pastore who also has an offer from the same club. All of them make way for the chips and the quotas that they intend to execute right now.

At the table they have a pending list of at least three players who should be approached in a short time, just before the closing of this winter window that gives way to the final stretch of the season that is currently underway. All very pending of these cases, in which it is expected to add between 3 and 5 million fixed euros.


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