As he Real Madrid As the Athletic, are in constant battle to sign the fashionable forward and the youth with more projection in the RC La Coruña. The 18-year-old attacker is undoubtedly one of the Galician club’s most interesting players, and the promise of Spain, and even European, has already been hung up.

His name is Noel Lopez, born in Silleda. His demarcation is that of center forward, and area hunter. The boy has been assigned to the lower ranks of his entire life. blue and white club, and right now he is with the main team, which is in the First Division RFEF. It is a matter of time before he ends up in one of the two teams in Madrid.

The young forward has aroused the interest of two giants from Spain and Europe. And when we refer to interest, it is not just curiosity, but the great desire to have it. It is clear that his performance so far begins, and he has already shown the world that he is made for great things. The merengue team is the first to go ahead and would have already sent an offer to their team and representative.

Florentino Pérez wants to be the first and the only one to take López away. According to local media Onda Cero Coruña, “Real Madrid has presented an offer with figures and letters to Noel.” Although the specific numbers have not been revealed, it is known that it is a significant sum of money for both the forward and the Herculine team.

RC La Coruña knows very well that he cannot begin to rub his hands without first having the boy’s professional contract. The two Madrid teams are very clever, and they know they could get the kid out of there for free. However, the president of the Herculine entity, already has everything under control, and ensures that Noel López is close to signing.

“We are in the process of negotiation. There has always been good harmony between parts. There is a close, close relationship. I hope it is resolved favorably and I hope it will be as soon as possible. We believe a lot in the boy, we value him, he also values ​​the confidence of the club. We believe that the way to grow is at the club and I have no doubt that it will be ”.


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