Home Entertainment Elbow brings us their most energetic album in years with “AUDIO VERTIGO”.

Elbow brings us their most energetic album in years with “AUDIO VERTIGO”.

Elbow brings us their most energetic album in years with “AUDIO VERTIGO”.

What you need to know:

Elbow returns with a new album and it’s a gem. Check out our review here

The Manchester quartet are releasing a new release today that reinforces this The band embarks on a dizzying sonic journey that doesn’t limit themselves to one genre or sound.and they manage to integrate new elements into their sound even 23 years after their first album.

As usual, the band member produces Craig Potter (Peter Gabriel, Lang Lang) switch between genres and include small details in a dozen songs that are most entertaining for the listener the composition that makes VERTIGO AUDIO a great album.

Elbow has a sound identity that draws on different music genres and innovates in “AUDIO VERTIGO”.

The last few years have seen the English band stay quite busy, and today we have their fourth album in just 7 years, complete with a covers album called Elbow freedom (2020) and the recording of an acoustic presentation in Ritzalso from 2020.

The most fascinating thing about Elbow is that they don’t stick to a single genre, and even though they come from rock, but in VERTIGO AUDIO The band passes Riffs from rock (“Things I’ve Been Telling Myself for Years”, “Very Heaven”), some pop bases (“From the River”) and we even heard seventies funk (“Her to the Earth”).

In “Poker Face” we have a modern blues base, like a ballad, and with phenomenal arrangements that stick to the basics of the genre, Renewal for a band without borders.

The band has a very solid discography, and because it is extraordinary Little fictions (2017), Elbow expanded the sonic elements and gave priority to the delicate but lasting atmospheres in the songs. Although the shrill guitars Riffs They retain a certain prominence, the atmosphere is phenomenal.

These song constructions are sacred VERTIGO AUDIO. In “From the River” Elbow does one of the things he does best: convey an “oceanic” sense of immensity based on Hall in Guy’s voiceand subtle but magnificent pianos.

Realistic and humorous lyrics with a hopeful humanism in Guy Garvey’s voice

Guy Garvey is characterized by a very special, but powerful and soothing voice. His lyrics over the years have been extremely sensitive to the human conditiontalk about life and death or doubt our existence.

Elbow did a song for CDMX “Good Blood Mexico City,” with a distorted chorus calling for people to go to Mexico City. Let’s remember that the band has been a guest a few times in recent years Crown capital 2017 and then to the extinct Plaza Condesa, advertising Giants of all sizes (2019). Apparently they really liked the city. Could it be a sign of a visit?

Elbow has great songs that are about realistic love and hope. This album is no exception with “Lover’s Leap”.in which the metals look very quickly but precisely to tell of an ideal place for people who love each other.

“Her to the Earth” is another miracle about love, with a pretty ’70s funk that we could easily hear from Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye. Guy’s vocals in the introduction are great and the element of repeating his voices in support helps to feel the vertigo the album is talking about.

The great additions to this album are some organic choirs that complement Guy’s voice at key moments. We’ll see how it works live because they sound predominantly feminine.

The only inexplicable detail of the album is the inclusion of two very short interludes “(Where is it?)” and “Embers of Day”The latter is perhaps more of a complete song, but it’s a few attempts that seem a bit confusing among so many great songs.

Cover of the new Elbow album. Photo: Polydor/Universal Music

Elbow let something go various physical editions of their new album, which you can purchase here. The band is on tour in Europe until September. We hope to see her in Mexico at a festival or even a solo exhibition.

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