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EL PAÍS and infoLibre will promote a new stage of ‘tintaLibre’ as a magazine of thought and culture

EL PAÍS and infoLibre will promote a new stage of 'tintaLibre' as a magazine of thought and culture

The new stage of inkFreewith the subtitle Magazine of thought and culturewas born with the aim of widening its radius of action and its influence as a high-quality newspaper, both in content and style.

The header will expand the journalistic offer with new collaborations and sections, without giving up the hallmarks of a demanding monthly and destined to generate debate of ideas throughout the intellectual spectrum of Spain and Latin America.

The cross-cutting nature of the issues that affect both sides of the Atlantic allows for a shared and, at the same time, differentiated view, without each issue exhausting itself on its central theme. All genres of investigative journalism and the essay will be present in this new era of inkFree: the chronicle, the humor, the prominence of the authors, the in-depth essay, the in-depth criticism or the original and unpublished collaboration and the exclusive themes. Subscribers to EL PAÍS and infoLibre will have at their disposal a magazine of thought and culture designed to understand the world in which we live without succumbing to the speed and noise that characterizes today.

inkFree It will continue to be published on paper and will be distributed on that support in kiosks and also to subscribers who request it, but it will also be available in PDF for the rest of the subscribers of the two publishing publications, infoLibre and EL PAÍS, reinforcing the editorial commitment of both headers. The editorial direction of the magazine will be carried out jointly by Jesús Maraña (infoLibre) and by Jordi Gracia (EL PAÍS).

The team also includes the person who has been in charge of the newsroom up to now, the journalist Ramón Reboiras, as well as the designer Paloma Vallhonrat. In addition, he will be assisted by an Editorial Board that will include, among others, Gioconda Belli, Leila Guerriero, Héctor Abad Faciolince, Luis García Montero, Marta Sanz, Remedios Zafra, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Pilar del Río, Clara Serra or the director of EL PAÍS, Pepa Bueno, and the director of infoLibre, Daniel Basteiro.

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