the Spider Verse continues its slow descent into hell. After two opuses of Venom quite bad, even almost insulting for the character and for that of the Symbiote Carnage, sony delivered a Morbius which will have marked the minds of the fans… but in the wrong way. Strong of 16% positive reviews on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoesthe film by Daniel Espinosa will have, for many, been considered a disaster. The high point of this collective disappointment: the two post-credits scenes. Despite the quality of the director (JC Chandor) and the interpreter (Aaron Taylor Johnson) for the next film centered on Kravenbirds are a bad omen.

Despite the huge choice of characters possible for live-action adaptations (Make a dark spin-off on Mysterio, the Rhino, Shocker…), sony chose to make a film about… El Muerto. This character has only made a dozen appearances in the comics Marvel over the years, and he is best known for introducing the world of wrestling to the stories of Spiderman. Nothing seems more anecdotal than making a movie out of it.

The choice of sony therefore seems clear: to break away from the characters known to all to introduce new ones. sony table on a boxing of the film from the end of Kraven and a comedian seems to come off to interpret El Muerto: Bad Bunny.

El Muerto © Marvel Comics
El Muerto © Marvel Comics

In an interview with AppleMusic, Bad Bunny spoke for the first time about his excitement about playing the new hero of sony in his own spin-off film Spiderman.

” It’s crazy. Sometimes I still can’t believe it, but it’s the result of my work. The way I am, the way I work, I’m so proud, very happy with this character, this opportunity to be the first Latino. It’s not about “I’m going to be the first Latino to do a role”, it’s about the first Latino main character, that’s the important thing. So it’s something huge, and it will be epic. I know people will be proud of my work. »

It is on January 12, 2024 that we will have the opportunity to verify the statements of the actor / rapper.


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