El Muerto: Sony’s Spider-Verse Movie Reportedly ‘Stalled’ (Good News)

Slowly but surely the universe sony villains of Spiderman continues its slow descent into hell. After two disturbing volumes of the adventures of Venom and the widespread fiasco of Morbiuswe will discover in October 2023 the movie around Kraven the Hunter, carried out by JC Chandor. The feature film with Aaron Taylor Johnson would have already been spoiled by various Insiders. There will also be a solo film around Madame Web with dakota johnsonscheduled for February 14, 2024. After these two future masterpieces, sony announced that they want to implement a new movie about a villain that nobody cares about: El Muerto.

The film Marvel should feature the rapper Bad Bunny in the role of the wrestler Juan Carlos Sanchezfor a release date set at January 12, 2024. The proximity of the date therefore implied a very rapid arrival of the feature film. However, in the absence of clear information about the progress of production, the film should, unsurprisingly, be postponed.

The magazine TIMEin relation to the agent of Bad Bunny stated in particular that El Muerto was at a standstill. He would then have corrected himself by stating that the production was still “ in development“, which means everything and nothing at the same time. The actor then quipped, saying that sony was going maybe replace him with Pedro Pascal“. This therefore means that the shooting has not yet started and that the film risk of not being ready for January 2024.

Anyway, to wait for the next wonder of the Sony universe, see you in October for Kraven the Hunter.

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