El Muerto: Sony would continue development of the film without Bad Bunny

It seems that the rumor about the film’s disappearance is circulatingEl Muerto was greatly exaggerated! Although the superstar gave up the role Bad bunny, Sony does not give up and continues its course towards the cinematic adaptation of this spin-off from the universe of Spider-Man – despite the anecdotal interest that continues among fans.

Recent threats have decreased El Muerto in a gray area, with the notable departure of Bad bunny in September and the exclusion of the film from the release programs of Sonywhich fuels speculation about a possible failure of a new film centered around the antagonists of Spider-Man. According to data from diversitythe project retains all its vitality, Sony He is currently looking for a new actor for the film.

The choice ofEl Muerto how the theme of the film was established from the beginning Sony in a delicate situation. The project came to fruition when the studio made an offer Bad bunny free hand in choosing a character from the universe of Spider-Man to develop, which led many to consider the project abandoned after his departure. Despite it, Sony seems determined to prove that even the most unpopular ideas deserve a second chance. Let’s bet the rest of the universe Sonyknowledge Madame Web and Kraven: The Huntercan attempt to create new dynamics in a drifting universe. Madame Web hits theaters on February 14, 2024.

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