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El Mayor: a leader of Dominican urban music who is now in the spotlight

El Mayor: a leader of Dominican urban music who is now in the spotlight

Since Emmanuel Reyes made his style felt in urban music in 2010, with his stage name El Mayor Clásico, his career has elapsed between the rise to popularity and the ups and downs of remaining one of the leaders of the rhythm called “dembow”.

Regarding scandals or controversies, he had only been involved in media lawsuits due to his artistic rivalry with El Alfa, which ended in 2022.

However, on Monday the public, his colleagues and close They were surprised when a situation of gender violence spread, that will somehow mark the trajectory of the urban exponent and those images of him with wounds on his body will not be erased so easily.

The first information gave as a fact that it was a fight between him and his wife Carolina. To this information was added an audio in which, supposedly, she explained the reasons for his reaction to the events.

In a statement sent by the representatives of the urban exponent, it is admitted that there was an impasse between the spouses, since they explained that “The situation is in the hands of professionals in the area of ​​couples.”

Meanwhile, El Mayor Clásico and his wife, apparently, they have preferred to return to their usual routinesnot issuing any complaint about the attacks and avoiding appearing before judicial bodies.

Colleagues and friends who know Emmanuel were surprised that this is how it has been spread, that he mistreats, because the young man they meet is well behaved.

Toxic Crow reacted with surprise at the news that began to circulate early Monday morning and assured that he does not know El Mayor as someone violent.

“Wao manito @elmayorclasico, how sorry I am. I have known you for more than 13 years and you are a person with a very low rate of violence because you are a smile, you are joy, you are respectful and this news really surprised me. I hope your speedy recovery and that it is papa God who guides this painful situation”expressed Toxic Crow.

La Insuperable, who made the most important collaboration of her career with El Mayor, “Ponte pa’ eso”, also dedicated a few words to her on her Instagram story.

“How sad I feel for you”, said The Insuperable.

Lápiz Conciente, “El Papá del Rap”, asked his millions of followers on Instagram for a prayer chain for the health of El Mayor and that of his wife, also known as Carol.

“I just woke up and I find this unfortunate news. We ask for a chain of prayer and a speedy recovery for El Mayor, also a speedy recovery for his wife. No more domestic violence,” Lápiz wrote.

El Mayor is one of those many boys who have come out of populous sectors and have made their way in urban music.

In April 2017, the editors of Listín Diario learned in depth about the life of the young man who left the Las Cañitas neighborhood (Santo Domingo Norte) and became one of the first Dominican exponents of urban music to achieve success.

At that time, he lived in a luxurious mansion with his wife and their little daughter. The Mayor told his story since his mother, Josefa Reyes, went to live on the island of Aruba and had to leave him, in the care of his grandmother Leopoldina de los Santos, his aunt Eugenia Brito and his uncle Sención de los Santos, who was a real father to him, since he did not know his biological father.

I was the only child in the house. We all had to work to be able to eat at home. Life in the neighborhoods is very difficult and sometimes young people do not find a way to go out ”, the reggaeton singer explained on that occasion.

As a teenager, he was a fan of Daddy Yankee and Tego Calderón. One day he dared to experiment how his voice was heard in a microphone and approached the young Ismael Miranda, known in his neighborhood as “El Cable”, and who had an improvised recording studio in his house. . He arrived at the dembow “Los Gucci” and his story changed forever.

The Mayor has been a promoter of dembow. Among his contributions to the genre, he recently began to look for new horizons in dembow, adding instruments like the tambora, with new musical nuances, where the mix of house and dembow stands out.

In this new experiment, he has recorded a song with bachatero Elvis Martínez, under the Sony Entertainment label, which will be released this Friday the 14th on all digital platforms.

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