“El Grillo” sat in the electric chair

While he was studying and playing at Louisiana State University, in 1985, some robbers took a chain, guilloches and a gold ring from José –El Grillo-Vargas, who does not believe in coincidences, but does believe in divine plans.

One of the worst feelings of revenge settled in the mind of the lanky basketball player, who recognized one of them and with no time to waste he went to a gun shop and bought a 9mm pistol because he was determined to give it two shots.

“That’s not going to stay that way,” the then 22-year-old rookie, 6’10 tall and with an indomitable character, told himself. The only person who told him about the robbery of which he had been a victim was the coach of the academy, Dale Brown, an institution in the United States due to his quality and long history.

Aware that a good example can be more persuasive than dozens of pieces of advice, the experienced basketball man came up with the idea of ​​taking the team to prison in Angola, the most violent prison in the United States for decades.

“Tomorrow,” Brown announced, “we are going to visit the pressure in Angola so that you can see what happens to those who step out of line, to those who break the laws of society.”

During the tour of the compound, “El Grillo” saw how they kept the prisoners in the so-called “Solitaria”, where they usually spend months without seeing the sun’s rays, but what most caught his attention was the electric chair.

Out of curiosity, he asked the penitentiary authorities to seat him there. “Look, do it with me, do it with me. I want to know what he is like. Begin the full ritual.”

Surprised, they objected, but as Coach Brown agreed (“sit down, he asked for it”) they agreed according to the ritual, but, obviously, without executing the last step: closing the electricity button.

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Vargas recounts that after being admitted to La Solitaria, a father went and prayed to him. “My son, tell me something that you want to communicate to God,” the religious told him.

“Until that moment, everything was fine, everything was calm, and suddenly I saw a white guy with a shaved head, who lives in the prison and who “looks like a monster, a horrible thing, the monster in the dungeon, and when I was going to leave, he He said no, you are not going to walk out and he put chains on my legs and arms to tie me up”.

Upon reaching the wooden Electric Chair, the “proved” did not allow the alleged prisoner to sit on his own, but rather subdued him in an unfriendly manner.

“There is no force for you to do. Then she tied me around the waist with a wide leather strap, like the ones they put on horses. She put irons and wet sponges on my back, on my head and a hat with wires. Cables in the ankles and feet buried ”, declares Vargas, who was already totally terrified even though he knew it was a drill.

“When he put all that on me, he gave me a pod and I started yelling ‘Get me out of here!’ ‘Get me out of here!'” he exclaimed in terror.

“Look”, reflected the once power forward and occasional center of the national team, as he panned to look into the eyes of Eduardo Gómez, the father he never had, and the editors Marcos Nivar and Freddy Tapia…”after that time again, never in my life did I think of killing that guy, or for any reason killing another human being.

It took that out of my head.” I say that in life there is no coincidence, God has a divine plan. Incredible as it may seem, in my life I have always had the very important support of people in very difficult moments”.

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