El Chiringuito’s plan B is activated by the result of the Super Cup

El Chiringuito's plan B is activated by the result of the Super Cup

Several of the most important commentators on the Pedrerol program suddenly change their speech before the result of the match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona

If in the previous days one saw gatherings of The beach bar talk about the Super Cup of Spain as the beginning of the famous sextet, everything vanished with the review of FC Barcelona. So much so that the general discourse of the program, once Real Madrid had been defeated, was completely different from that of the previous one.

Before playing, for many commentators from The beach bar the Super Cup It was a final, one more title to start off the exciting 2023 on the right foot. However, after FC Barcelona won that title, it turns out that Real Madrid did not take it very seriously because for Ancelotti’s men the Champions League matters and this is a simple preseason tournament, at the level of Carranza or Teresa Herrera.

The commentators of El Chiringuito pass the Super Cup

The Chiringuito devalues ​​the Super Cup

The attitude of El Chiringuito regarding the result of the Super Cup was something that was already intuited on social networks. Real Madrid is still installed in that moral superiority that having won in recent years gives it, while its rivals were melting like melted cheese.

Bayern’s 2-8, the two eliminations in the group stage, the Europa League… mean that every time both teams meet, there is a double standard installed. If Real Madrid wins, it turns out that the European champion today is a rival light years away from FC Barcelona.

Xavi is taking the measure to Real Madrid

On the other hand, if the Catalans are the ones who win, it is justified with their mentality and attitude. “It’s just that Madrid doesn’t understand shots, they’re going for the Champions League.” Beyond the distraction maneuver of El Chiringuito, the Super Cup leaves a statistic that should start to worry those around La Castellana.

Xavi has already faced Real Madrid four times. The first was in the previous Super Cup, with a 2-2 result in 90 minutes and 3-2 after extra time in favor of Madrid. Later, a 0-4 loss at the Bernabéu, a 3-1 defeat also at the Bernabéu and 1-3 in the Super Cup. Two clear victories, a tight match and a loss. The level of each other does not seem so far.


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