El Chiringuito viewer reveals the clause scandal at Athletic

The renewal of Channels in Betis unleashes a strong and agitated debate

The beach bar has found itself almost without eating or drinking it with a very dangerous debate in the wake of the renewal of Channels at Betis. So much so that several viewers have brought up the Athletic and the peculiar treatment of clauses when signing renovations.

The debate comes from 1 billion euros of clause rescission that has been set by the Betis for Sergio Canales. A completely symbolic amount, since no one is going to pay that amount in life. If one day Canales wants to leave, surely an agreement can be reached.

Betis Channels
Channels renew until 2026 with a clause of 1 billion

The Channels clause causes trouble

But not everyone understands these types of gestures. For this reason, many viewers of El Chiringuito have not hesitated to crack a lot. The social networks of Pedrerol’s program have been filled with criticism for the amount of the clause imposed by Betis on Sergio Canales.

In these, many Athletic supporters have appeared, alluding to the clause policy that the Basque team has in recent times. “Do like Athletic, which does not put clauses”, was the most repeated comment. However, a spectator was in charge of qualifying these words.

Athletic and the clause policy

“In Spanish football, it is mandatory to establish an amount as a termination clause, whatever it may be. If Athletic says that it does not put clauses, it will be precisely because it puts them so high that it will prefer not to know it ”, says a spectator from El Chiringuito very surely.

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If true, the way the presidents, formerly Urrutia and now Elizegi, take their chest out, is not well understood. They boasted that the players who renewed did not want a clause because they were never going to leave. However, it gives the feeling that it is the same as other clubs do, only without transparency.

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