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El Chiringuito tells the whole truth about Ansu Fati’s injury

The Pedrerol program offers one of the most important exclusives of the season

To Caesar what is Caesar’s. This time, The beach bar has been the fastest is to tell what nobody dared to tell about the injury from Ansu Fati. Barcelonismo froze last Saturday, when the Barça attacker fell on the grass of Balaidos and left the field in tears.

It was a totally solitary action, without contact with a defender. Ansu Fati he collapsed with a worried face. Everything indicated a possible relapse. Information even came out that ruled it out until at least 2022. Much rumor but little information.

Ansu Fati injury
Ansu Fati’s injury is more serious than it seems, and he could continue to miss games with Barcelona.

Exclusive to Ansu Fati at El Chiringuito

Until it was El Chiringuito that has delved into Ansu Fati’s injury. It has been in an exclusive revealed by Darío Montero. For the tranquility of the culés it is necessary to say that the fears that Ansu Fati had have been in a scare. It was feared that the small tear in the biceps could have affected the tendon.

On the other hand, there was a lot of fear in the state of both knees, after so much injury and after the discomfort that the player dragged from his return to the field. However, as El Chiringuito has communicated, Ansu Fati’s knees are perfectly fine, and the tendon has not been affected in the new injury that occurred against Celta.

Good news for the culés

What’s more, as more media have announced, the bicep tear itself is smaller than previously thought. They begin to speak of a period of less than 3 weeks to be able to play football again. A situation that seeing the break, could make Ansu lose only 2 to 3 FC Barcelona games.

Tertullians like Quim Domènech congratulated themselves with the news of Ansu Fati offered at El Chiringuito. “Today El Chiringuito has made the Catalans very happy.” And it is that the Barcelona fans are suffering so much that any good news makes them come up.

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