El Barrio Revitalization

Tori Contreras reached new heights in Barcelona a year ago. As a TikTok content creator and expert in the Kings League, he proved to be the best advocate for the project in the first split, working with his friend and coach Juan Arroita to create a fantastic draft that secured their victory in the inaugural edition of the tournament.

After that initial success, misfortunes struck. His super team disintegrated, with players from various teams joining the ranks: Beguer went to XBuyer, Ubón to Móstoles, Jacobo to Porcinos, and so on. However, with the millions earned, he managed to assemble a new team capable of competing with anyone. Gilles, Paufer, Arché, and Torrentbó formed a formidable squad, and they were close to repeating their first-split feat.

They finished third in the regular phase and shone in the final phase, but ultimately fell short of defending their title due to Beguer’s rekindled partnership with XBuyer. Changes followed, and they continued to fight, this time in the Kings Cup. Although the format didn’t suit Contreras’s team, they still made it to the quarterfinals. In the Kingdom, they were ousted from the Final Four by Kunisports.

After a rich history of strong performances and close encounters with the final phases, the Kings League’s first champion has hit rock bottom. In the third split, their performance was dismal, and they finished in tenth place, losing to Los Troncos in the round of 16.

As a result, they missed out on the World Cup, failing to win the playoff as well. A new challenge awaits, with the goal of reaching the next World Cup. To succeed, they must start strong and make the most of their draft picks. The departures of Gabriel Vidal, Alex García, and Xabi Liébanas should be opportunities for real reinforcements to arrive and strengthen the team.

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A facelift is needed to revive El Barrio and restore their previous glory. A united, balanced, and high-level team is essential, and a great draft is the key to achieving this goal.

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