Ek Mahanayak- Dr. BR Ambedkar: Bhimrao will raise his voice against child labor, know where you can see

Babasaheb had faced many obstacles during his childhood, but he stood firm against social injustices. One of those social injustices is child labor. In the old days, it was believed that the more children there are, the more profitable hands will be available, and because of this, many children’s lives were put in danger. And the TV show Ek Mahanayak Dr. R. In the next track ‘Ambedkar (Ek Mahanayak- Dr BR Ambedkar)’ it is shown in one of those incidents how he faced the young Bhimrao (Atharva) when he was presented with a situation of this type.

Ramji Sakpal (Jagannath Nivangune) splits his family into two parts to escape everyday troubles, forcing Bhimrao and Ramabai (Narayani Mahesh Varane) to fight even to meet their daily needs. Rama’s siblings, Chhoti and Shankar, begin to support the family by doing small jobs. Bhimrao is shocked to learn this and asks him to leave work immediately.

Meanwhile, he learns that several children from his chawl are working in a firecracker factory to lead their families. Bhimrao gets angry and tries to convince the parents of these children that young children should focus on education and studies to have a good future. However, fate changes and Shankar also starts working in the same factory and comes close to death, leaving Bhimrao and Ramabai under stress. So Bhimrao decides to oppose the so-called child labor and expresses his strong opinion against it.

Speaking on this track, Atharv playing the character of young Bhimrao said: “The next track exposes another important aspect of social injustice, namely child labor. Forced by circumstances, Shankar works in a firecracker factory and Bhimrao is deeply disturbed upon learning of his near-death situation. So he decides to end the evil of child labor and firmly opposes it.

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Babasaheb was the protector of the workers in India and made many policies for the welfare of the workers. The Child and Women’s Labor Protection Act is one of those policies that prohibits the employment of children and regulates their working conditions, among many things. R. Ambedkar, every Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m. only on & TV.

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