Einer Rubio: “We are going to bet on a top-10 in this Giro”

Einer Rubio (Colombia, 25 years old) hasn’t hit the gas pedal yet, but her progression goes always online upward and about insurance. The Colombian is yet to explode, but his talent and work have led him to lead a project like that of the Movistar Team in a date as prestigious as the Italy spin, where he left samples of his quality in previous years. With expectations of signing a good paper, Rubio chats with AS about his plans in the Italian round.

—After some intense months of preparation, what are your feelings as you arrive at this Giro d’Italia?

—We have prepared the objective well, which was this. We already considered it from the beginning of the season. We did Argentina, the UAE Tour, Catalonia and Asturias to get there well and try to be as good as possible.

—It will be the first big race in which he will have some responsibility of leading the team. How do you face this new challenge?

—The truth is that I’m taking it easy. I trust the team a lot. We come to try to do the general. The race will also put each one of us in our place and depending on it, we will see if we continue trying the general or we will look for stages.

—From the outset, ‘Plan A’ is the general plan.

—Exactly, the Giro is a very hard race, very long, so anything can always happen. We will be there and we will move where we see fit.

—Which position would you leave satisfied with this Giro?

—We are going to bet on a top-10. We are going to go with the idea and as I told you, then during the Giro, which is long, we will see if we can do it or if we will have to modify the plan.

—This year he has taken good steps forward in his progression, achieving his first World Tour category win in the Emirates. Does that give you much more morale to face this race? How did you live it?

-Yes of course. In the end it is a victory and having obtained it there was very nice. Confidence, to continue working, to continue improving and I think it is one more reason. You always go full throttle there. Pablo (ballasts) I was singing the references, I knew they were quite good and I also had good feelings that day, good legs. It was my day, I knew how to take advantage of it, so it’s a nice memory.

—Also, he did it with a very far attack. Can this formula help you in this Giro to surprise your rivals and have better results?

“Well, we’ll certainly see that at some stage.” If I have the opportunity, I will have to take advantage of it.

—Would you say that you are in the best moment of your sports career?

—Well, I think I can have better moments, but this is a good moment too. You have to take advantage of it, enjoy it, which is the first thing to do and then we’ll see in the future. I have room for improvement, I’m learning a lot. I’ve been here on the World Tour for a few years, but you don’t stop learning and you don’t stop improving those details that today make the difference.

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-Which will be the key stages of this Giro?

—For me, in a fort you can see the mountain, so those will be the key stages and where we will try to move. Stages like Crans Montana or Tre Cime di Lavaredo are very, very tough. We have to arrive very well, we will see how the body responds and depending on it, we will play it.

—In addition to the high mountains, time trials can make big differences. How much loss time would you be satisfied with?

—It is a test for me, very difficult due to my characteristics. After the first stage there will be the other time trials, but we will go step by step first.

—Changes are expected in the team for next season. Are you ready to take on more responsibility for leading races?

I would like to assume the role. I feel that every day I am more prepared and if I find myself and have the opportunity to cover that role, then I will do it.

—Some of your compatriots are not at their best, as is the case of Bernal or the particular situations that Quintana and Superman López are going through. How do you see the immediate future of Colombian cycling?

“Personally I am improving a lot. My ex-partner Santiago (buitrago), who we raced together in Colombia, I think he also has good skills, so the learning we have acquired in recent years we will surely apply and it will probably be a plus.

—How do you see the rest of Movistar for this Italian round?

—It is an excellent team, with a good atmosphere, above all that is very important. There is Fernando (Gaviria) who will go for the sprints together with Kanter (Max) and surely my colleagues will also help me on mountain days, especially Carlos (verona). He told me that he wanted to come to Giro and now I like that he is here, that he is a man with a lot of experience and that he is also doing very well in the mountains. He will surely give me some advice.

—What calendar do you have for the rest of the season?

—We had planned until the Giro. From now on I don’t have anything clear, but well, it is known that a big one always ends with a good form, so we will quickly do a race and then a short break to resume the other half of the season.

—Would you like to be in the next Vuelta?

—Yes, of course, the Vuelta, also, I like it a lot. We’re going to see what level we’re at and if I get the chance to go, I’d love to.

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