Eibar presents its candidacy for promotion at El Plantío

Eibar presents its candidacy for promotion at El Plantío

Julián Calero said in the preview that Eibar is a clear candidate for promotion and, at least, they have shown in El Plantío that they are a team with a lot of quality, superior to the locals and with the courage to know how to turn the score around. Not surprisingly, Burgos took the lead with a great goal from Gaspar Campos in the first half, but the gunsmith team was able to turn it around with a resounding performance in the second.

Garitano’s team dominated the first half, with only one clear opportunity in a Tejero’s shot that Caro sent for a corner. Burgos lost Bermejo after 26 minutes after receiving a clear elbow to the face that, however, Hernández Maeso did not appreciate, nor did Trujillo Suárez in the VAR. Despite this setback, Calero’s men took the lead with a Gaspar Campos’s shot from outside the area. The locals had the game where they wanted, with the score in favor and looking for some new counter to deal the final blow to their rival. But Eibar always believed in their options and until the break they kept trying over and over again to reach the opponent’s goal, although the black and white defended themselves in an orderly manner.

Shield/Team Flag

The exit in the second part of the gunsmiths was spectacularr, with a shot from Stoichkov that went wide and another chance from Bautista that Caro thwarted. Burgos was increasingly sunk in defense and the visitors reached the vicinity of the local area too easily. First came Berrocal’s warning after taking a corner kick, until Stoichkov, almost accidentally, took advantage of a mistake at the start overlooked by Caro to introduce the ball into the Burgos goal from rebound.

With the equalizer, Eibar continued on their offensive line looking for the finishing touch and Burgos, who seemed physically tired, could not leave their field fluently. In the 87th minute the winning goal came with a cross into the area that the local defense failed to clear and Corpas hands the ball over to Leschuk for the winning goal.

Shield/Team Flag

The game had a rough ending, since in stoppage time Curro Sánchez fell inside the area in an action with Correa that the referee did not sanctionnor did he review the VAR, given the despair of the players and the Burgos bench who saw a clear penalty in that play.

With this win, Eibar is close to the direct promotion positions and Burgos is once again weak in El Plantíowhere they have only achieved one point in the last three games played.


Mourad (25′, Alex Bermejo), White Leschuk (61′, Jon Bautista), Rob Correa (61′, Alvaro Tejero), imanol (61′, J.Ríos), Raul Navarro (68′, Michel Zabaco), grego sierra (68′, Mumo), Matheus Pereira (74′, Javi Munoz), Juan Artola (74′, Gaspar Campos), Jesus Areso (74′, Borja González), Angel Troncho (78′, Vadillo)


1-0, 36′: Gaspar Campos1-1, 72′: Stoichkov1-2, 86′: Gustave White


Referee: Francisco José Hernández Maeso
VAR referee: Daniel Jesús Trujillo Suárez, Álvaro Moreno Aragón
Vadillo (39′,Yellow) Mourad El Ghezouani (41′,Yellow) Michel (46′,Yellow) rober (73′,Yellow) sanchez job (92′,Yellow) bushes (94′,Yellow)


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