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Eibar and Las Palmas, hand in hand for promotion to First Division

Eibar and Las Palmas, hand in hand for promotion to First Division

The season has arrived in such a way at last daysthat each game from now on is a decisive appointment. But if above, you have in front of a rival straighthe game Becomes a true ending. The Eibar captain, Anaitz, already said it this week at a press conference china: “We could say that it is the game of the season”. Behind the tie in another final against him Grenade last Sunday, the gunsmith box receives at 9:00 p.m., at UD Las Palmas. Winning is the objective for both teams and achieving it could mean escaping through direct promotion for Eibar or equalizing the standings even more, if the victory were taken by the Canaries. He bad schedule will not prevent ipurúa wait eagerly one of the key events of the season (Follow the game live on AS.como). The azulgranas have not won since March 20 and, in need of the three points, they cannot continue looking at promotion accumulating draws.

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LaLiga SmartBank 2022/2023

Classification pts PG PE PP
1eibar 67 18 13 7
2Grenade 66 19 9 eleven
3Alaves 66 18 12 9

Complete classification

next matches
eibar – The Palms M-08/05 21:00
Racing – eibar D-14/05 14:00


*Data updated as of May 7, 2023

not being able to count with his top scorer, Stoichkovbe a tether with which Eibar must know how to play. He gaditano saw his fifth yellow consecutive before the Grenade and the match against Las Palmas will be lost. Javi Munoz could be your substitute as a spare part in a position further close to the midfield, as it already happened before Leganés. It will not be the only loss that Gaizka Garitano will have. Given the usual casualties of Imanol and, lately, Aketxe and Correa, we must add that of Daniel Lasure. The Aragonese player suffers discomfort in the left posterior.

The equality rules the Second Division and equality has defined the last clashes between canaries and gunsmiths. Two draws and a victory in Canary Islands have been the results since the last armorer victory in ipurúafor which you have to travel to 2018, when both played in First Division. Return to achieve victory is the maximum desire of the Eibarreses, not only for winning Las Palmas again at home, but also for redirect his streak of win drought. Playing at home, despite the schedule, can and should be the push to achieve a decisive victory.

the palmsfor his part, will travel to Eibar with the challenge of break a new streak of four games without winning and with the reward of continuing to depend on herself to end the league between first two classified. For this, those of García Pimienta will have to recover a goal-scoring nose congested and rebuild their midfield, as the yellow coach himself reported at a press conference last Saturday.

the palms
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LaLiga SmartBank 2022/2023

Classification pts PG PE PP
4I raised 65 16 17 6
5the palms 64 16 16 6
6Albacete 59 fifteen 14 9

Complete classification

next matches
Eibar – the palms M-08/05 21:00
the palms -Villarreal B. D-14/05 21:00


*Data updated as of May 7, 2023

And it is that through the spinal cord the great passes quadrature of the circle that the canaries will have to face, for creation and recovery. With mfulu and Fabio knocked out, García Pimienta will have to use a formula with hardly any flight hours in competition. The balance provided by both players, rarely coincident, will have to replace it with other footballers less common for such tasks. So everything points to Loiodice As the dam of containment Gran Canaria, as happened in Butarque. The only game of the course in which either Brazzaville or Ingenio were out of the Las Palmas starting eleven.

However, the yellowdespite adding only a win since marcharrive at Ipurua with life because they have allowed his rivals and why although they did not win in the Romareda, they convinced. A performance that, added to the good defensive performance against Levante two days ago, is perceived, or one has the courage to perceive it, as a growth line Just when the team needs it most. Not surprisingly, if they beat the gunsmiths they would go to bed as leaders, despite having risen as fifth.

The keys of the party

ipurúa. Eibar is strong at home. Recovering victory is always easier in the heat of the fans.

fast recoveries. The speed that the islanders have in stealing as far away from their area will depend to a large extent on the security in their goal.

Keep the goal safe. Not conceding a goal will be key to an armera victory. Eibar have conceded goals in their last 5 games, in which they have not won.

Hold the first moments. The three defeats away from home, against Huesca, Tenerife and Granada, came with collapses at the start of the matches by the yellow side.

aces to follow

china. The Eibar captain has just surpassed the 200-game barrier as a gunsmith. A few days after turning 36, Arbilla has been chosen by the Eibar fans as MVP for the month of April.

saw. The yellow captain comes from a good match against Zaragoza and his teammates need his ability to find passes in tight spaces.

Ups and downs

Stoichkov adds his fifth yellow and will be left out of the call. Due to injury, Lasure is also out, along with Aketxe, Correa and Imanol.

The signings at UD Las Palmas will be Jiménez, Andone and Curbelo. The casualties, Vitolo, Sidnei, Mfulu and Fabio.



“It’s true that it’s an important game because there are only twelve points left, because we’re playing at home and because we’re playing against a direct rival, but there are three more to go and we have to keep winning them”

“Las Palmas is a great rival that is also playing the same as us. It is a game that will demand a lot from us because we are going to face a very technically gifted opponent, who has a great organization ”

“We are in a privileged situation because we have earned it so far and now we have to show in the last games what we have done during the season and give the finishing touch”

Garcia Pepper

“If we won, we would hit the table at the same time. In that case we would depend on ourselves (to ascend), so the other results would not matter to us ”

“If nothing strange happens, Andone will be in the call. We are also trying to get Curbelo to arrive on time”

“I have had the wink of the club for a long time. I feel highly valued, but this is not something that throws me off. Now is not the time to think about me. I would love to continue, but we will make the decision when the season ends.”


Classification PT P.J. PG PE PP
1 67 38 18 13 7
2 65 38 19 8 eleven
3 65 38 16 17 5
4 65 38 18 eleven 9
5 64 38 16 16 6
Classification PT P.J. PG PE PP
3 65 38 16 17 5
4 65 38 18 eleven 9
5 64 38 16 16 6
6 59 38 fifteen 14 9
7 57 38 16 9 13

Eibar SAD Sports Society, EIB

Sports Union Las Palmas SAD, LP




jonathan viera


goalkeeper saves

Luca Zidane


alvaro valles


total assists



jonathan viera


Fouls committed

Matheus Pereira


Enzo Loiodice


fouls received

yanis rahmani


Enzo Loiodice


red cards

Javi Munoz




Yellow cards

Matheus Pereira


Sergi Cardona


Possession Repossessions

Luca Zidane


alvaro valles


passes per game





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