Egg producers say they will need capital

The president of the National Confederation of Agricultural Producers (Confenagro), Wilfredo Cabrera, informed Listín Diario yesterday that the poultry sector will need around 50% of working capital to resume egg production, after the suspension of exports of this product. product for 15 days.

“To produce what was produced now, 40% to 50% capital is needed. I understand that it is a situation that must be very well considered because the measures are not taken in a hurry because everything that is wanted to be done quickly often does not go well, ”he said.

He reported that the country exports close to 40 million eggs per month and with the new measure there was a surplus without a market that would plummet the price and complicate their production, and would generate an oversupply. “When a sector is losing, it is not the truth that they continue to produce, and much more in this poultry sector, especially in the part of eggs that also needs a lot of working capital,” stressed the also president of the Association of Egg Producers from the Dominican Republic (Approhuevo).

He stated that this table egg subsector should be cared for as if it were a “glass house”.

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