Egg prices could rise

Egg prices could rise

The egg industry is raising a cry of alarm. For several weeks, she has been trying to alert the distribution guard in the face of soaring costs, relates . Their will ? May their eggs be bought at a higher price and that the negotiation on annual prices be concluded before February. Because for several weeks the breeders have been confronted with sharp increases, up to 30%, in the costs of feeding poultry. But for the moment the negotiations seem to have stalled, as one breeder explains: “They are only five to decide the purchase price.”

The situation is all the more problematic, as explained to our colleagues Eric Guellaff, a Norman breeder, that food represents “60 to 70% of the cost price of eggs when they leave the farm”. Qualifying this figure of “colossal”, he asks the large distribution to take into account the negotiations of the purchase prices. Because, with its 30,000 hens for example, since October, it has noted a 32.5% increase in wheat seed cake.

An increase of 12 cents out of the box?

At the same time, note, the National Union of Poultry Labels of France expresses its great concern about the “exponential and unprecedented increase in the production costs of breeders of broilers and laying hens”. “Historic” levels would have been reached, according to the union, which recalls that the organic sector, in particular, is very affected by this problem because of the importance it attaches to feeding its animals. The union is demanding an increase of 12 cents for the box of eggs, and 30 for organic.

The breeders deplore the fact that they are abandoned by the large distribution, which praised them at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, many are those who must face two other pitfalls in 2022. Since January 1, indeed, the crushing of male chicks is prohibited and an expensive machine must be installed to differentiate the sexes of chicks. Finally, avian flu threatens the sector and millions of hens must be “confined” in their turn.


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