EGE Haina donates a modern station to Enriquillo firefighters

The Haina Electricity Generating Company (EGE Haina) donated a new and modern station for the fire brigade of the Enriquillo municipality, Barahona province, within the framework of the program to strengthen relief agencies that it has been developing for years.

At the station key handover yesterday, Ginny Taulé, Senior Director of Communications and Sustainability at EGE Hainastressed that the company has invested more than RD$40 million in strengthening the fire brigadeswhose work is aimed at preserving lives, responding to emergencies and managing risks.

“In recent years, the company has donated three fire stations, two clean air equipment, furniture, uniforms, tools, truck repairs, advice and training,” said the EGE Haina executive.

Taule said that the new station delivered in the Enriquillo municipality is up to the best in the countryto promote the efficiency of their work and thus collaborate with the safety of citizens.

With a investment of RD$13 millionthe new building of 713 square meters, is equipped with all the facilities and areas necessary for the proper performance of the activities of the relief agency and its network of volunteers.

In addition, as part of the work, offices for the Civil Defense and the Red Cross were builtas well as a water supply well, in order to guarantee the supply of this resource for the proper development of the work of the firefighters and a rainwater drainage system.

He Mayor Heriberto Núñez, thanked EGE Haina for its sustained commitment to the fire department and its valuable contributions to the development of the Enriquillo municipality in various areas. He stressed that “the new barracks will allow firefighters and other relief organizations to provide a preventive and assistance service of quality to the population in the event of accidents and other emergency situations”.


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