“Egan has no problem being gregarious”

Egan Bernal and his family received good news a few days ago about his state of health from his mother, Flor Gómez. She successfully completed her treatment for breast cancer that was detected several months ago and her evolution and recovery are satisfactory. In an interview with 10 AM Today, she said that it was Egan himself who convinced her to undergo medical examinations.

“It was an insistence from Egan, a feeling from him. When he was in the clinic (in his recovery) he told me that he had to go to check-ups and I told him that we would wait for him to get out of all that. He always wanted me to be fine and that led me to do the controls (…) It has been one after another, but we cannot say that it was a bad year, because in the end it could have been worse. It is not staying with what could have happened, but staying with what is”Flor Gómez said on the Caracol Radio program.

What did he say about Egan Bernal’s career?

Egan’s mother also referred to her son’s recovery and how he has seen it in the competitions he has run. He returned to official races last August in the Tour of Denmark after the accident he suffered in January in Gachancipá. Flor stated that for the winner of the 2019 Tour de France and 2021 Giro d’Italia it is “a blessing” to be back and that is why he has no problem being gregarious if the INEOS Grenadiers so decides.

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“He says that he enjoys it just the same because he understands that being able to be there, even if it is gregarious, the fact of being able to walk, is a blessing and if he had to do it as a gregarious, which he had not done, he does it with a lot of love and he says that if he wins the race again, which is his goal, he will go little by little. He does it with a lot of love and has no problem being gregarious, for him that is too much, ”she commented.

Finally, Flor Gómez believes that Egan will soon be in one of the big three of cycling, that is his son’s goal for the next year: “He is ambitious and fights for what he wants, he will achieve it and I have confidence in him…”.

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