eFootball 2022 disappoints and is already being teased on the internet

“Catastrophic”, “to forget”, “What happened at Konami?” … Acidic, mocking or incredulous comments have multiplied against eFootball 2022 (formerly PES) since Thursday, September 30 .

Released no doubt in haste, the football simulation which was nevertheless very popular with gamers is now the laughing stock of social networks which are cutting it to pieces.

In just one day, it became the lowest-rated game in Steam history – the download platform for playing it on PC -, with a rating exceeding 93% negative feedback.

At the time of writing this Friday, October 1, of the 10,647 ratings left, 9,688 players have shown their dissatisfaction, the ratings being classified as “extremely negative”. And it did not take more to ignite the supporters of the PES franchise which has become eFootball.

“It’s worse than before!”

“Graphically there is no improvement, I even tend to say that it is worse than before! The animations of the faces, what hell! They look like poorly articulated dolls, “laments the Kawabenga player on Steam who declares” Courage KONAMI, I think you will need it for the next few days … “, at the end of his review.

“We must delete (note: delete) the game and start again,” said one tweet, which brings images that quickly become memes shared by tens of thousands of players on the web.

“A disaster” reports Antistar, journalist for the famous specialized site jeuxvideo.com.

Failing to please, the game, yet free, quickly became the target of mockery to make Internet users laugh, players sharing the multiple display bugs, of which here is an anthology:

The year 2021 was yet to be the year of renewal for the PES franchise which abandoned its name in favor of eFootball. The Japanese company Konami had announced a game based on free to play and offered players in-game payments, similar to Fortnite. Released a day before FIFA 22, eFootball 2022 could quickly fall into oblivion with nothing being done to improve it.

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