Edward Snowden was sixth anonymous founder of Zcash crypto

Edward Snowden, the well-known American whistleblower, apparently had a large and secret role in the development of zcash (ZEC), a popular privacy cryptocurrency. This is evident from a new video from ZCash Media.

Zcash, a privacy coin with a remarkable origin

Most crypto, including bitcoin (BTC), are transparent networks that allow anyone to track transactions. Zcash, on the other hand, is focused on preserving privacy. Through so-called zero knowledge proofs transactions can be hidden.

To protect Zcash, the so-called private key or key to the network, split and divided among six people. If someone had access to this key, they could fake the network. Once one of these six people destroys their part of the key, the network is secure.

These six did not know each other’s identities and together organized the “The Ceremony.” Bitcoin developer Peter Todd was one of these six founders. In the video he tells how he bought a new computer at the time, in a so-called faraday cage, wrapped in aluminum foil, and drove to the desert. He did so to ensure that the network’s launch would remain out of sight of the National Security Agency, and may have been a tip from Snowden.

Snowden is the sixth anonymous founder

Now for the first time the identity of the sixth person is coming out; So snowden. He used the pseudonym John Dobbertin at the time. Snowden has lived in Russia since 2013. He then applied for asylum after being accused of espionage by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Snowden had leaked classified documents from the National Security Agency (NSA). These documents revealed that the NSA was under massive and illegal surveillance of the Internet.

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That the whistleblower is involved with Zcash is actually not a big surprise. He has often been critical of the lack of privacy with bitcoin (BTC). Snowden recently authorized co-founder Zooko Wilcox to disclose his involvement with ZCash. snowden says:

“I saw that [ZCash] was worked on by some trusted academic cryptographers and I found it a very interesting project. As long as it’s clear that I was never paid and had no share, and was just a matter of public interest, I think you can tell people.

Bitcoin is a public ledger. The problem with that is that you can’t have true free trade unless you have private trade. And you cannot have a free society without free trade.”

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