Edward James Olmos:

The actor Edward James Olmos, 76, revealed that he has overcome throat cancer and that experience made him understand “how wonderful life is”, according to the media that picked up this Sunday what he recently said in a podcast.

“This is the first time I’ve come out publicly and said it: I had throat cancer,” said the actor born in California into a family of Mexican origin.

In his speech on the “Mando & Friends” podcast, Olmos, who played the popular “Lieutenant Castillo” in the eighties series “Miami Vice” and in 1988 was nominated for an Oscar for “Stand and Deliver”, recounted that he was treated with radio and chemotherapy until last December and that sometimes his body was “for sale”.

“I was close to death,” he said.

One of the scariest things about the whole experience was when the five doctors who advised him before his treatment told him they didn’t know what his voice was going to sound like afterward.

“I exclaimed: ‘What?!'” recalled Olmos, who pointed out that the cancer he suffered from was “a very strong disease” and the doctors had to “shoot” his vocal cords with radiation.

“We’re shooting at his vocal cords, we’re shooting at his throat, where you eat, where you swallow, where you talk, where you breathe, it all goes through here,” he said.

Olmos affirmed that “many” of his friends died of the same disease and he had a hard time losing 55 pounds (25 kilos) of weight and all his muscle tone, because, unable to swallow, he had to be fed by tubes.

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She has spent the last four months building up her strength and is now in good shape thanks to swimming, weight training and rowing.

“It was an experience that changed me, that made me understand how wonderful life is,” said Olmos, who still has a lump in her throat where the radiation burned her lymph nodes.

Olmos is one of the stars of “Mayans MC”, a series that narrates the conflicts of immigration and Latino gangs like no other television fiction and has been on FX for four seasons.

He was also part of the cast of “Selena”, the 1997 film that 25 years ago recreated the beginnings and the brilliant rise in music of the queen of Tex-Mex, Selena Quintanilla, in which he played his father, Abel Quintanilla.

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