The legendary basketball player Eduardo Gómez made a vehement appeal to President Luis Abinader to interpose his good offices in order to enforce Law 85-99, which provides a pension of five minimum wages to the immortals of the sport and three to the old glories.

Gómez, a prominent member of the Immortal Race of Dominican basketball, explained that it is necessary to equalize the salary of all those inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame.

He declared that those who entered the sacred temple from 2019 to date are receiving the 50,000 pesos provided by law, but that the same does not happen with about 190 who had been enthroned from 2000 to 2018, who receive half by virtue of that the minimum wage was RD$5,117.

“The law is specific and must be the same for everyone,” said the former star player of the Dominican basketball team that won the historic gold medal at Centro-Basket ’77, in Panama City, one of the most celebrated in history country sports.

He regretted that after thirteen months carrying out visits and actions before Congress, the Presidency, the Ministry of Finance, Sports and the Sports Pavilion so that Law 85-99 measures all immortals equally with the same yardstick, there has been no achieved the goal.

Gómez, who this year retired as deputy director of the School of the State of Florida, raises his prestigious voice with the intention of favoring his colleagues, many of whom are sick and cannot cover their needs with the 25,000 pesos they are earning. monthly.

“I have my financial problems resolved, thank God,” said the former defense shooter and occasional point guard of the missing Naco team on a visit to LISTÍN DIARIO.

“There is no excuse. The State establishes the laws and is the first to comply with them in order to serve as an example to citizens,” said Gómez, a graduate in Education with two certified master’s degrees.

He indicated that it is also necessary that the concept of “pension” be modified by “gratification” because this would allow many who are able to continue working in the State, which would allow them an extra income.

The same was requested for 278 pensioners with three minimum wages under the category of Old Glories, who should also be recognized for the increase.

Camacho endorsement
The Sports Minister, Francisco Camacho, has given his full support to the project to amend Law 85-99.

He pointed out that in this way the legal norms establish it, in addition all those exalted and recognized immediately have the same compensation by mandate of a law.

He is also in favor of these sports heroes being able to pass on their knowledge to the new generations.

Ask for the Museum
Likewise, Eduardo Gómez said that despite the fact that in 2012 a five-level building was inaugurated for the Sports Museum, it still does not have the pieces that should be protected in it as a testimony of the history of Dominican sports.


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