The journalist of the controversial program has spoken about the bomb signing of the market

From the real Madrid and his hobby remains expectation with the signing of Kylian Mbappebut for some time The beach bar and through Eduardo Aguirre everything has changed suddenly. In the space that leads Pedrerol The signing of the Frenchman has always been given as a fact, but in recent days they do not know what will happen.

Let us remember that since the beginning of this year progress has been made in the program of Mega that the signing of the Frenchman would be ready. And now, when everything seems to have reached its peak, Pedrerol and company have started back with the theme. They have assured it so many times that this swerve can be ridiculous of historical dimensions.

Edu Aguirre Mbappe
In the Chiringuito there are strange doubts regarding the signing of Mbappé

Edu Aguirre admits not knowing anything about Mbappé

And it is that Edu Aguirre himself has confirmed in El Chiringuito that until now little is known about the signing of Kylian Mbappé. The journalist and the program’s own commentators show a lot of nervousness with the news and this is something that is reflected in their comments full of doubts.

Edu Aguirre has dropped exclusively that only the player and a close circle know about his decision. In addition, it was also clear that neither Real Madrid nor PSG are aware of what will happen in the coming days. And the worst thing is that Real Madrid play a very important final in just 10 days.

It gives the sensation that the final of the Champions does not exist

To reinforce this idea, Pedrerol himself, who has been absent due to Covid-19, has confirmed in a call to Edu Aguirre that only Mbappé has the reins of what will happen. That is where all the enthusiasm of the year has come to nothing from a Chiringuito that always showed the successful signing of the PSG star for the meringues.

Pedrerol was blunt: “Things are getting worse every day.” But the one who had to show his face to talk about the failure of El Chiringuito with Mbappé was once again an Edu Aguirre whose face said it all. The serious thing is that there is a Champions League final on May 28 and at Real Madrid nobody talks about it.


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