Pay attention to your electricity bills. And not only after the government’s announcement to ask EDF to sell more electricity at low prices to its competitors, in order to keep its promise to limit the increase in the bill of the French to 4% in 2022. reports the case of a man living in Indre-et-Loire who surreptitiously saw his bill increase. Without being informed of course, and especially without his approval.

The man who until then paid 198 euros each month saw his bill jump by almost 100 euros, to 283 euros monthly. As our colleagues tell, first, he receives an email from the energy supplier at the beginning of 2021. EDF then wants to modify his monthly payments, but the resident does not follow up, just like last September when he receives a new email. : “We currently note that your monthly payment of €198 including tax is lower than your actual consumption. In order to avoid a significant adjustment at the end of the period, adjust your remaining installments now, if you wish, to €283 including tax.” There is then a link to make the change.

A mistake

The customer claims not to have followed up but notes with amazement in December that the 283 euros were taken from him. Asked about this 30% increase, EDF explains that it was announced on its customer area. A “maneuver” denounced by many customers to consumer associations who castigate “wild samples”. also succeeded in obtaining the customer’s monthly statements from EDF using its Linky meter. A customer advisor came to the conclusion that the imposed increase was not justified.

On the side of the energy supplier, an error and a “computer processing failure” are pleaded. The regional director of customer and commercial service for the Grand Centre, Xavier Mamo, reminds us that errors can happen and that you have to “follow your consumption and invoicing”. According to him, EDF automatically adjusts the consumption “to avoid a bad surprise at the time of the adjustment at maturity”; in addition, the overpayment is returned “on the annual expiry of the contract”, he prefers to insist. Hence the 30% increase…


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