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Eddie Murphy Confirms Donkey Solo Film

Eddie Murphy confirmed a solo film for Donkey from 'Shrek'

What you need to know:

We really didn’t see this coming. Eddie Murphy announced that the Donkey from ‘Shrek’ will have his own solo movie. Here we tell you everything.

It is a secret to no one that Shrek is one of the most beloved and raffled sagas of all time, as it forever marked the history of animation. However, over the years we have stopped watching films from this universe. Although it seems that that is about to change, since the same Eddie Murphy revealed that they are working on a spin-off starring Donkey.

For quite some time now rumors began to emerge that at Dreamworks they were already working on a new story of everyone’s favorite ogre, for which the main cast would return, led by Murphy himself along with Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz. But lower your hand, it seems that they also got to work on another production based on the franchise.

Hold on, because a spin-off of the Donkey from ‘Shrek’ is coming

We say it because Eddie Murphy spoke with Collide about Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F and in the middle of the interview they asked him about Shrek 5. But the most surprising thing of all was not that he responded that he had already recorded a part of the film, much less when we could see it (here we tell you what is known about this film).

What left us with a square eye was that Murphy confirmed that a spin-off is coming with the beloved Donkey as the main character…just as they read it. “Shrek is coming out, and Donkey is going to have his own movie. Let’s do Donkey too. So we will do one more about Shrek and another about Donkey,” declared the 63-year-old actor and comedian.

We will have to wait a long time to see the solo movie of this great character

Of course Murphy has a point, as the talking donkey is one of the most beloved figures in the universe of Shrek. And of course the idea of making a solo film about this great character makes all the sense in the world. Especially when seeing the good reviews that the Puss in Boots films received and in particular, the success they won at the box office. So this doesn’t sound crazy at all.

However, although we are very excited that Eddie Murphy has confirmed that we will finally see a Donkey solo movie, you should know that it will not arrive as quickly as we hope. We mention it because The comedian stated that they are not working so much simultaneously on this film and on Shrek 5.

“No, I didn’t (record) at the same time. I started recording Shrek, I think it will come out in 2025 and the next (project) will be Donkey,” Murphy closed with this topic. How are you? Are you excited about seeing this great character in a new adventure? What do you think? The truth is that if things are similar to Puss in Boots, we are definitely in for a great movie.

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