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Economists call to show more cooperation and solidarity to face Covid-19

Economists call to show more cooperation and solidarity to face Covid-19

Economists Jacqueline Boin and José Serulle Ramia warned that the need to join collective efforts to avoid further suffering and loss of life, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They expressed that these last two years of coronavirus have shown with crystal clarity how the division accentuates damages that affect the harmonious life of the peoples and it fuels degrees of inequality that make scientific and technological advances achieved by human ingenuity less efficient.

They indicated that, “an entity as microscopic as SARS-CoV-2 has shown much as new teachings, as they did in other pathogenic moments that still leave traces of discomfort and lethality. However, everything It seems to indicate that worldwide the without reason continues to prevail over reason “.

The president of the Science and Art Foundation and the founding president of the entity, doctors Jacqueline Boin and José Serulle Ramia, respectively, indicated that what they call “without reason continues to prevail over reason” has allowed the pandemic to wreak greater havoc on the within the populations, particularly the industrious and those who suffer the consequences of constituting national minorities.

And they point out that “ petty interests of small economic groups have continued, in the midst of this drama, placing themselves above the health of the planet and of the species that inhabit it. In this context, it is commendable to highlight a note of deep relief: the enormous effort made by health personnel in the world to reduce suffering and loss of life and the solidarity shown by certain States and international entities so that the cure reaches the most disadvantaged.

Cooperation and solidarity
The economist experts stated that it is time for the peoples to unify their criteria and their actions to advance in 2022 along a path that transforms the sufferings and uncertainties of centuries into a ray of light that shows the way of solidarity, cooperation, progress and peace of humanity and ensure the ecological balance of our little one, but how diverse planet.

“Our Dominican Republic, jewel of the Caribbean, has immense potential in human and natural resources to provide its population, rural and urban, valleys and mountains, with complete happiness.

For it The result of their wealth produced, with such diligence and creativity, must be addressed with a criterion of equity to their communities. and to guarantee the highest levels of training for its people, without which it will be difficult to face the challenges of today and tomorrow in the fields of politics, the economy, culture, the environment and social life in its joint, “the economists said in a joint statement.


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