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Ecommerce Outlook 2022 according to Electrocosto

The Christmas It is one of the most special times of the year, a moment made for reunion, where, together with friends and family, experiences and good moments lived throughout the year are exchanged.

At the commercial level, it is also an important period, since the consumer’s purchase intention on these dates so marked reaches one of the highest levels of the year. And, the Christmas campaign continues to be one of the main claims to get those gifts with which to surprise our loved ones.

In this sense, and taking as a reference the data obtained from campaigns such as Black friday or Cybermonday, the most popular categories for this Christmas will continue to be technology and the electronics, where items such as computers, mobile phones, tablets or video consoles will continue to be some of the most popular products.

In addition, there is an increasingly growing buying trend in the sector of the small Y great household appliance, with the aim of equipping our home with products that make it a more comfortable and safe place.

Christmas campaign

At Electrocost, one of the benchmark ecommerce within the large household appliance sector, are specialists in giving the best of themselves in each Christmas campaign, always with the aim of helping and advising their customers in choosing their purchases on these important dates .

For this reason, and throughout the month of December, they offer a wide variety of offers and discounts on the best brands on the market, as well as various promotions and raffles with which you can get the perfect gift for this Christmas.

From December 1 to 24 you can participate in the Advent Calendar they have prepared on their website and get an exclusive product every day. In addition, until December 31, you can also enjoy the best discounts on a large selection of household appliances from major brands such as BALAY, BOSCH, TEKA and many more.

But this does not end here, after conducting one of the most incredible raffles on Black Friday 2021, on January 5 they will announce on their website the winner of the raffle for an incredible 125cc moped. A whole month full of surprises to end 2021 and welcome 2022 in style.

Outlook 2022

Regarding the ecommerce sector, and setting the goal in 2022, the consolidation of online commerce has forced companies to enter into a process of constant innovation with the aim of satisfying an increasingly specialized customer.

Looking ahead to the new year, new trends are expected that will undoubtedly seek to make the consumer experience much more complete, all through the implementation of strategies such as:

  • A firm commitment to omnichannel:

Knowing what aspects like the comfort of the online world Y offline reliability must coexist. Offering many more points of contact to the customer and giving him the freedom to be the one who decides how and where to make his purchase.

  • Quick Commerce or Quick Commerce.

One click shopping Y increasingly shorter delivery times. An increasingly established combination, with the aim of satisfying a client who wants to meet their needs as soon as possible. The combination of an optimized shopping experience, together with a fast delivery process, will be one of the keys for the client to choose us again.

Implement a greater variety of payment methods, to do of the purchase process from our website something much more agile, Quick Y sure. And, in addition, bet on more flexible payment methods and that are adapted to the client’s needs, such as the financing, offering greater comfort to face the purchase.

  • Social media as a sales channel

More and more users interact with brands through social networks and seek to make purchases through these platforms. Therefore, develop a strategy in which the user reaches our products in a much more natural way, will help us to generate one more route of traffic to our online store and, on the other hand, to create a closer relationship that increases your trust.

  • Provide accurate and valuable information:

A truthful information that is capable of solving the user’s doubts during the search. Helping the client and guiding him at all times, making decision making more comfortable and simple.

  • Customer service and personalized after-sales:

With the objective of solve any doubt before the purchase and continue to maintain contact with the customer after the purchase. Making it feel supported at all times. Offering a much more complete and satisfactory user experience.

In short, the new ecommerce trends for next year 2022 will make companies continue to bet on the implementation of strategies that get to know what the user wants and how he wants it, with the aim of satisfying an increasingly demanding customer with brands.

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