Ecodicta bets on second-hand ecommerce

According to the latest report CSummer Trends 2022, carried out by Samy Alliance, it is estimated that the rental or sale of second-hand clothing will double the size of the fast fashion market by 2030. And why is this? Mainly and above other reasons, for the ecological sustainability demanded by consumers.

This opens up a multitude of possibilities, both for already consolidated players and fashion brands, who can see their turnover increase with new lines of business, as well as for new market agents who want to venture into sustainable fashion.

It is because of that ecodictathe leading subscription rental platform in Spain, has just launched its Second Hand ecommerce platform. Thus, clients can acquire garments that have already completed their rental cycle, seeking to achieve the greatest possible circularity and trying to extend the life of the garments as much as possible.

We do not want to be a Second Hand platform, because Percentil or Vinted already exist for that, but rather offer complementary services to clients around circularity and that they choose the best for them.

Raul Gonzalez.

With a turnover of €97,340 in 2021, they seek to triple their turnover thanks to this new addition to their business model which, since it was launched, has increased by 37% compared to the previous month.

WAAHI, the first store that includes Ecodicta fashion rental

In addition, in order to meet the sustainable demand by consumers, Ecodicta has dared to step on the street thanks to WAAHI, the reference brand of handmade and sustainable furniture and clothing in Cantabria. “There are many options to be sustainable, and they must be incorporated in the same space to give consumers the option to choose the one that best suits their needs.” comment Victor Gutierrez, co-founder of WAAHI. “By incorporating garment rental, we open a new service for our most conscientious clients,” concludes Victor Gutierrez.

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In addition, at WAAHI they have a customized B2B solution for stores, retail, hotels and airbnbs to furnish these establishments in a sustainable and personalized way.

WAAHI shares with ECODICTA the philosophy of better quality before quantity, living in a “slow” way and being aware of the impact that our passage through the planet has.

From Ecodicta they assure that the philosophy of circularity does not change and that clients will have the same facilities as online. However, now they have the possibility to pay the subscription directly in the store and see a small representative selection of their infinite wardrobe.

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