eBay adds improvements to its marketplace

eBay has announced the addition of new features and innovations in your marketplace. These include new features in advertising rates, in payment processes, as well as improvements in its messaging system. Some of these innovations have already been incorporated into the German marketplace and others will be implemented in the coming months, as reported Internet World.

Specifically, marketplace sellers now will be able to report or denounce “inappropriate” messages from customers, as well as block the user in question so that he does not contact them again. Similarly, from now on, if the buyer requests a refund after informing their payment provider of an issue with the order and the seller disagrees, the seller can dispute the payment dispute and provide additional evidence to resolve the problem within five calendar days through ‘Sold on My eBay’ or in ‘Seller Cockpit Pro’. The seller may add an explanatory text of up to 1,000 characters and upload a maximum of five files as additional evidence.

Similarly, sellers can now pay for DHL shipping labels with their eBay balance. That is, the purchase of shipping labels is integrated into the sales process. In the event that the seller in question does not have sufficient credit, he will have to pay the shipping label price using his eBay registered payment method. Regarding the news of advertising rates, eBay has renewed Ads Standard with the aim of making it easier for sellers to carry out advertising campaigns. Dynamic listing rate is available now, and in the coming weeks, eBay will be adding a forecasting feature.

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In the coming months, the marketplace plans to activate new functions such as the automatic processing of return requestsas well as the incorporation of a new information page on compliance with local, regional and international regulations.

Luxury resale: eBay’s new bet

At the end of last January, eBay announced an investment of 7.5 million pounds (about 8.7 million euros) in cudonia platform of luxury resale which currently resells items from 4,000 brands, including Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Celine. This investment in Cudoni is part of eBay’s efforts to solidify its position as a leading second-hand luxury goods reseller. In mid-2021, the marketplace launched an authentication service for luxury handbags, and a year later, extended its authenticity guarantee service to the UK. In 2022, eBay extended its guarantee of authenticity again, but this time to include jewelry.

Likewise, by fostering their commitment to reselling, eBay opened a store in the Diamond District of Manhattan (New York) in November of last year. He eBay Luxury Exchange now offers authentication services for sneakers, watches, bags, collectible cards and fine jewelry.

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