eBay acquires TCGPlayer, trading card marketplace, for $294 million

eBay has acquired TCG playera marketplace for card games collectibles interchangeable, worth up to $295 million. Although, the deal won’t officially close until the first quarter of 2023.

This acquisition complements eBay’s category strategy and furthers the company’s commitment to card enthusiasts. In addition, it will complement eBay’s services by providing qualities omnichannel..

eBay continues to build its card category where he’s been working for 26 years, powering local stores and Main Street retailers to offer an online destination that collectors love“, said Dawn Block, VP of Collectibles at eBay. “eBay has always fueled our customers’ passion for this space and facilitated connections between buyers and sellers, and with TCGplayer, we can enhance the customer experience across categories, forge even more relationships, and serve enthusiasts around the world.”.

TCGplayer from store to e-commerce

TCGplayer was born as a store in Syracuse in 2008. He later launched his website and now has more than 600 employees.

Although the company has been acquired, they have explained in the statement that they will continue to operate autonomously: “This new chapter allows us to continue to operate independently within eBay, while also benefiting from its decades of industry experience and resources to deepen the connection between fans and their communities.“, said Chedy Hampson, Founder and CEO of TCGplayer. «With the support of eBay, we will advance our Purpose and expand our tools and services to enhance the experience of collecting online and at your favorite local hobby store.«.

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Some of the best selling cards on TCGPlayer are: Magic: The Gathering either Pokemon Trading Card Game. This marketplace allows fans of all these games to buy and sell their cards. The platform also offers average prices, trends and a list of the latest sales, which helps users obtain accurate information and thus avoid being scammed.

eBay Card Category Hits $2 Billion in Transactions

eBay has been one of the main online places to exchange letters for many years, but now it wants to take advantage of the growth of this market to improve its services and consolidate itself. In January, it made one of its first moves in this strategy, expanding its authentication authentication services by introducing special support for cards that have a minimum value of $750. It has also introduced other services to provide a more seamless shopping experience, offering benefits such as instant transfer, authentication, insurance, affordable shipping, and a duty-free storage location.

Lhe eBay trading card category is growing «significantly faster» than its total market. In the first half of 2021, the category recorded 2,000 billion dollars in transactions.

Trading cards aren’t the only market eBay wants to grow into. A few months ago the marketplace acquired Manchester-based NFT KnownOrigin, a platform that allows artists and collectors to create, buy and resell NFTs.

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