Earthquake in break dancing: the coach resigns hours before the World Cup after an attack

Seism in Spanish break dance. This Friday, in Seoul (South Korea), the World Cups of breakingsport that will be Olympic in Paris 2024. To them, Spain, with several of the most important names within the elite, will attend without the national coach (technical director, as an official position) that he had had until now, Fernando Amador, known as Flex Nando. “Yesterday, Wednesday the 19th, I received an email in which Flex Nando announced his resignation as technical director of breaking in the Spanish Federation of Sports Dance. As president of the FEBD, I have decided to accept and confirm his resignation”announced this morning Luis Vañó Martínez, president of the organization.

The resignation comes after a video was made public showing Flex Nando slapping another b-boy in the face. In the images, captured in a gym in Petrer (Alicante), you can see the already former national selector facing the attacked, his former student. Both had begun to dance at the same time, getting in the way, which, after a brief discussion, provoked Nando’s reaction. On Tuesday, when the video began to circulate through the networks, the FEBD spoke out for the first time in the face of the events, condemning them, expressing the regret of the former technical director and pointing out that the event in which they occurred was foreign to the federation. “The events did not occur in an act or event of the FEBD, nor on behalf of it. Despite the above, we reject and condemn Flex Nando’s attitude. From the first moment, all the appropriate explanations were requested, showing Flex Nando his most sincere regret”, can be read in the official note.

The explanations, however, were not enough for the Spanish athletes who will participate in the World Cup, very disappointed and in the midst of a climate of “tiredness and stress”. The FEBD decided to continue trusting Nado, who, finally, and given the situation generated, has taken the step towards resignation. “We continue to trust in the professionalism of Flex Nando to continue at the forefront of FEBD breaking. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we have transmitted to Flex Nando that these types of events -or similar ones- have no place in our sport, nor can they and should not happen again, since, otherwise, the FEBD will adopt other types of measures ” added the official statement.

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Laura García, known as Law, one of the biggest names in the national team, was the first to raise her voice, refusing to participate in Seoul while Flex Nando remained in office. “I deeply condemn any act of violence, whether verbal or physical. This has caught me in the middle of our trip to Korea and it is not being easy to make a decision, but I am not going to compete in Korea or in any other event of the FEBD while Flex Nando continues as technical director of breaking”, announced the Granada, Spanish champion in 2019 and 2021. Along with her, he also spoke Juan de la Torre, Xak, fourth in the United States World Gamesheld in July, fifth in the last World Cup and a great medal option for Spain in Paris. “It goes without saying that the values ​​I represent do not include violence in any of its forms. And I am very sorry for the damage suffered by those affected, ”she shared on her social networks.

In the last few hours, both he and the rest of the team present in Seoul they had been in close contact with the FEBD in order to reach the “most fair and equitable possible” solution. “Disregarding the request to stay focused on the objective we have come to, since our landing, we have done nothing but deal with this, coupled with fatigue and stress,” added the Lucentian to his words. After events precipitated, As AS has learned, the national team is totally dedicated to trying to minimize the wear and tear caused by the situation and, at this time, it intends to compete in the World Cupto which Spain arrives with five representatives (Fury, Johnny Fox and Grazy, as well as Xak and Law) and great chances of a medal.

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