Earthquake in Afghanistan: After two days, the aftershocks of the earthquake again shook Afghanistan, 5 people died

Earthquake in Afghanistan - India TV Hindi
Image Source : PTI
Earthquake in Afghanistan


  • earthquake strikes again in afghanistan
  • 5 killed in earthquake
  • Its intensity is low on the Richter scale.

Earthquake in Afghanistan: The killing of nature in Afghanistan is not taking its name to stop. Just two days ago, more than 1000 people lost their lives in an earthquake in Afghanistan and now once again five people died in eastern Afghanistan on Friday. According to media reports, it was a low intensity earthquake. An earthquake of magnitude 6 struck the same area early on Wednesday, killing 1,150 people. According to the news of the state news agency Bakhtar, more than 11 people were injured in the earthquake that hit Gian district on Friday morning. Earlier, the news agency had said that the death toll after Wednesday’s earthquake had risen to 1,150. The houses made of bricks and stones have been reduced to rubble due to the earthquake and the death toll is increasing continuously.

Two days ago, an earthquake in Afghanistan killed 1150 people

Earthquake in Afghanistan

Image Source : PTI

Earthquake in Afghanistan

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An earthquake struck Afghanistan early on Wednesday, killing 1,150 people. The magnitude of this earthquake was measured at 6.1 on the Richter scale. 1500 people were also badly injured in this disaster. According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter of the quake was 40 km from the city of Khost in Afghanistan. The earthquake was so strong that its impact was visible up to 500 km away. Its tremors were felt in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan and India.

The scene of horrific devastation was also seen in Pakistan

According to Pakistani media, the tremors of this earthquake were felt in many states including Islamabad. Rescue teams are arriving by helicopter for relief work. It has been reported that due to this earthquake, many buildings have been damaged in Afghanistan and hundreds of people have been injured.

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The earthquake has also caused devastation in Pakistan and there are reports of many people dying. According to the information received, one person has also died in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. This person lost his life when the roof of the house collapsed due to the earthquake. According to Pakistani time, this earthquake occurred there at 1:54 am.

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Why does an earthquake happen?

Actually there are 7 plates inside the earth, which rotate continuously. When these plates collide at any point, the corners of the plates twist and pressure starts building there. In such a situation, when the plates break, the energy starts looking for a way out. After that comes the earthquake.

How can we estimate the intensity of an earthquake on the Richter scale?

Richter scalewhat is the effect
0 to 1.9information obtained from the seismograph
2 to 2.9Very little vibration is detected
3 to 3.9Looks like a heavy vehicle passed by
4 to 4.9Items kept in the house can fall out of place
5 to 5.9Heavy items and furniture may also move
6 to 6.9The base of the building may crack
7 to 7.9buildings fall
8 to 8.9Tsunami threat, more destruction
9 or moreThe worst devastation, the vibration of the earth will be felt clearly

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